Mittwoch, 8. Februar 2012

Two postcards and... STAMPS!

Hello everybody,
I hope you had a great day!

Today I sent this postcard:

It's from a postcard book named "Where's Wally?", just in case some of you don't know yet. Aren't these cards funny? I like them :) You can find so many things... I saw some kids having a snow ball fight and some reindeers and snowmen on skis and two little kids who are big Wally-Fans... Ah. I am sending the card to my god-daughter. The only bad thing about the cards is that they are really hard to photograph.

I also received some mail.
This amazing postcard from the Netherlands through Postcrossing.

I'd take the red one! They look amazing, don't they? This is the first time I receive something from my favourites! The sender wrote a really nice message too, I enjoyed reading it!

And then, when I came home, there was this parcel waiting for me:

It was kind of heavy (2 kgs) and guess what it contained?


So many stamps!! I am looking forward to creating envelopes and postcards and everything with them! Does anyone of you collect stamps? Wanna swap some? I got loads of pretty german stamps over here :) I might post some pictures of the ones I like best in the next days (I didn't really got to see much of them, because I was just having a look through the top 5 cms or something. There really are many many many stamps. I love it :) Good luck I am through with most of my exams, otherwise I would probably fail them all due to lack of time for studying.

Do you guys also like stamps?

Alles Liebe,

PS: Changed the blog name


  1. I've seen "Where's Wally" books, but never postcards!

    1. They are great! But it's kinda hard to let them go, as I enjoy flipping through them!
      I bought mine from Amazon. It is the UK-Version (hence the "Wally"), Amazon in the US has the "Waldo"-Version, I think at 10 bucks. Just go to amazon and look for "postcard book" and "Where's Wally" / "Where's Waldo". In my opinion amazon is a great source for postcardbooks!
      The Wally-Cards are really good quality as well!

    2. OH! Wally, not Waldo! I thought there was something a bit odd about the name, but couldn't of what! I never thought of looking on Amazon for postcards! They do have a pretty good selection of postcard books, at decent prices!

  2. Cool posts :) I like your blog!

    1. Thanks :) I like yours too!
      Will be sending you some of those stamps - I saw that you somehow donate them.
      I haven't seen your address in your blog though, so if you want some stamps you'll have to let me know ;) If you don't feel comfortable with leaving it somewhere on the internet for a long time, just post a comment with your adress and delete it after a minute or so :)


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