Mittwoch, 19. September 2012

Incoming - postcards

I had thought about posting all of the incoming mail in one big post - but then I figured that that might be slightly too much :) 

So, I will split it up and show you the postcards I received while being away in North America first.

My dear brother happened to spend a few days in Florida with some friends as well - and knows his sister good enough to send her  a postcard :)
Surprisingly enough, a postcrossing card! The user wrote "I'm so sorry that I send this card so late" on the back of it, and apparently she drew my address back in March - but oh well, at least she sent it, right?

This is a picture sent by my cousin, showing Plaza Francia in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Incredible enough, I heard back from Ivo. He is a postcrossing contact from months back and spent five weeks in Tenerife.

One of my dearest penpals sent me this postcard she bought back in Rome from Heathrow Airport in London

My grandma and my godmother spent a week at the North Sea (in Germany, we have access to two seas) and they sent me this  card :)

A sendsomething card from Estonia

A lovely card from Steph who traveled France this summer! Merci beaucoup!

Of course I haven't been a lazy postcardwriter either - even though all of you will receive your postcards with a letter (ahem...) I made sure to send some back to family and also plenty to my boyfriend from almost everywhere I went. Oh, and also three postcards from Paris last week.

How have you been doing? And do you also have such a pretty september like we do?

Alles Liebe, 

Donnerstag, 13. September 2012

I'm back!

Hello everybody,

I'm back from the USA! And I can tell you, I got some mail - maybe 30 pieces? I'm not quite sure, because actually I'm gone again already - I'm spending one more night in Paris. However, I'm returning on friday, so prepare for a big post on incoming mail on saturday!

How has your summer been? I hope it was great :)

I'm so looking forward to hearing from you all and catching up with the mail - I didn't even get to read it all until now, can you imagine that?

Alles Liebe,