Mittwoch, 29. Februar 2012

Stats of the Month - February

It's the last day of the month, the mail was already delivered and I sent everything I wanted to send today - It's time for stats! 

Here are the numbers:

I sent a total of 43 pieces of mail this month (Ha, even without participating in the month of letters challenge :)).
I received a total of 38 pieces of mail this month.
I spent a total of 30,80 € on postage (that would be 41,42 US-$).
That means, I spent an average of  0,72 € on each piece of mail. 
And I got an average of 1,3 pieces of mail per day

And here's the picture of most of the incoming mail of this month:
Mail of February

Now I would like to know your stats of the month! Leave a comment or post a blogpost about your stats :)

Alles Liebe,

Make my day

Hello everybody,
You guys probably all know the make my day blog, right? If you don't, you should go and check it out! Anyways, what I wanted to show you is this awesame little package I got in the mail yesterday! Last week, I won something :) yay! 
Make my day!
Here's what I won: four selfmade cards to make my day (and the day of someone else who will receive them... actually, I already sent the pinkish one.)
The cards came with the little tags to make cards and with a lovely little note. THANKS :)

I also got this postcard yesterday. It was part of the ad-card-tag I participated in on the postcrossing forum and shows a "jungle" in Potsdam (close to Berlin)

I also got this short letter from Michelle yesterday. Michelle is collecting quotes from around the world and asked me to send her one. 
 So, I sent her one :) The envelope is actually very plain, I know, but I was in a big big hurry. BUT can you see the typing? YES! One of my grannies got me a typewriter! It arrived today and I love it. It reminds me of the old times when I was over at her home for the holidays and would be typing and typing and typing there with my cousins :) She told me my younger cousins (we are five "grown ups" and three "kids") don't like her typewriter that much like we did :( Anyways, now I have my own one! (Those little dots you see there are not dirt but glitter by the way :) )
I got a typewriter!!
 I also sent this letter to a potential new pen pal. It's a girl from postcrossing whom I sent a postcard and who asked if I'd like to be her pen pal. I decided to not write her an email back but to send her a letter so that it'll be a little surprise for her.
First letter to C.

And I sent out a small package filled with 9 presents to my godmother who will be celebrating her birthday next week. I included one of the cards I won on make my day. I love that the package itself already looks like a present :)
Package to my godmother
And finally, I got this postcrossing card today. It's from the Czech Republic, from the city of Brno and shows the cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, one of the most famous buildings in the city.
St. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Brno

How was your (mail) day? And do you own a typewriter?

Alles Liebe,

Montag, 27. Februar 2012


Hello everybody :)

Outgoing mail of today:
This postcrossing card which went to a user in Germany. She had a postcard of this lighthouse in her favourites, but the picture was shot from a different angle - so I hope she'll like this card as well :)

Postcard to a German postcrosser

I also sent a reply to F. in Italy. Since the stationery I used features a flower, I decided to just use flower stamps :)
Letter to F. in Italy

As of incoming mail, there were three postcards waiting for me in my mailbox.

First, there was this library postcard from Vanessa. I'll sure try to go to this great library someday!
Library in Antwerpen

I also got another postcard from Belgium, through postcrossing. It shows the Count's Castle in Gent. Do you guys like castles? I sure do! 
The count's castle in Gent

As to the last card, this one is from a lottery I won in the postcrossing forum:
Lübeck Marzipan
Niederegger in Lübeck is one of the world's best producers of marzipan and sweets. Marzipan potatoes are one of my favourite sweets - what about you?

And do you know what this card has in common with the one from Belgium?
The one from Belguim had a stamp featuring chocolate :)
Stamps from Germay and Belgium

I hope you had a good (mail) day!

Alles Liebe,

Samstag, 25. Februar 2012

Mail of the weekend

Hello dear readers,
today was a good mail day. But lets first talk about yesterday. 

Yesterday I sent some postcrossing cards, three official ones to Germany, Poland and Slovakia (I thought I'd never get to send that card with the boats, but the user had it in her favourites, so why not...) and one card for the ad-card-tag on the Forum. I was supposed to send an animal so I sent the fish :) I also got cards like that with a frog, a little pig and a Dalmatian.

Postcrossing cards to Poland, Slovakia and Germany and an ad-card for the ad-card-tag
I received a postcrossing card from the Netherlands, from Almere.
Almere in the Netherlands
I also received a big envelope from Finland - and had no idea what it contained. But I soon found out :) Kaki has been so kind to send me along with her handmade card which you can see on the right, an article about reindeers (too bad I can't read it, because it's all in Finnish, but the pictures are very nice :) ) and some stamps! That was so kind of her!
Many finnish stamps sent from Kaki

Today, I only sent one letter out, it's now on its way to Rocio in Argentina.
Letter to Rocio in Argentina

As of incoming mail, there were four envelopes waiting for me in my PO Box.
Incoming of today

I got a letter from Olivia in the US, who explained me everything about homeschooling (I was curious ;) ). I like how the envelope looks "normal" at first sight, but when you turn it around you'll have a surprise by seeing all those little flowers :)
Letter from Olivia


The next envelope contained a stamp from the US, the 1955 Atoms for peace stamp, together with two postcards.

Then there was a lovely first letter from F., a new penpal from Italy. She used GREAT London stationery. Now I'll have to find some good stationery to reply to her...
Letter from F. in Italy

The last envelope contained stamps (again!). These are all stamps from Africa. I tell you, those are some great stamps! Wanna have a look? Alright, I'll show you some... Remember that you can click on the pictures to see them bigger.
What about some snakes?

Or rather frogs and toads?

No, don't like toads? Well, have some turtles then...*

Aah, I got it, you don't like amphibians, but reptiles!
Not real reptiles, just dragons?
Why not dinosaurs?

Oh, you like those animals better?

You don't like animals at all?? Have some trains, then...

I'm sorry for all those comments on the pictures, but... well, sometimes you have to be strange, right?
I'll better be ending this here.

Take care you all and

alles Liebe,

*You gotta know that turtles in German are called "toads with shields"... haha

Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2012

A second try and some more postcards

Hello :)
So, my last post was on saturday, so let's see what happened since then.

Sunday, naturally, was a day without mail. 

On monday, I sent the letter to M. and also three postcrossing postcards - to the Netherlands, Belarus and the US.
Postcrossing cards

Sadly, I didn't receive any mail except for a Magazine on monday.

Yesterday, I received two postcards, one postcard being a postcrossing card from China and the other one is a postcard showing lighthouses of Connecticut. Did you know that Connecticut has 21 surviving lighthouses, of which 13 are active? I won this card in a lottery on the postcrossing forum and I am very happy with it :)

Postcrossing Card from China
Lighthouses of Connecticut

I also received a letter from my goddaughter - it consists of a drawn picture and a letter dictated to my friend who wrote it down. My goddaughter actually just wrote her name and my name :) I do like it very much.

Letter from my goddaughter
 The bad news was that the letter I sent to M. came back to me - it was 13 cms to 17 cms and the maximum allowed is 12 cms. So, I had two options: pay another 2,70€ or make a new envelope and try again. I did make a new envelope. And today I asked the clerk if it was okay and he said yes so I am quite optimistic that it'll make it this time. 

That leads us to the mail of today. I sent the newly wrapped letter to M., a postcard to one of my godmothers and another Wally card for my goddaughter. I sent a letter and a Magazine to my friend (my goddaughters mother) along with it. (And yes, I reuse those big envelopes - do you?)

A second try for the mail to M. in the Netherlands

 A postcard to my godmother

Mail to my goddaughter and her mother
 I also received something today - a letter from Laura! I'll send a reply in the next days and post a picture of it once Laura receives it. On the card you can see a painting from Claude Monet, it's called "Landscape at Zaandam".
Letter from Laura

How are you doing? I today am actually really good - the sun is shining and it's 10°C and that always is a good reason to be happy :) I went to buy some stamps today and had my boyfriend with me, so we also had some icecream. Do you like icecream in winter? I like icecream whenever the sun is shining, let that be summer or winter. 

I collect the floral stamps issued by the German Post. I already have 21 different ones. I am missing the 0,75€ though (the international one). Would anyone like to receive some mail from Germany and is willing to cut the stamp out and send it back to me? If so, leave a comment below (with your address, too, if I cannot find it in your blog or somewhere else) and I'll send you something :) Please also put something like "Stamps for me" or the like. :) Thanks!
New Stamps
Alles Liebe,

Samstag, 18. Februar 2012

Two new pen pals

Hello everybody :)
How have you been? I am quite good, I wrote my last exam yesterday and now I am FREE (not, because I'll have to write to essays with 20 pages each...). Let's see what I sent and received the last days.

Yesterday I sent another "Where's Wally" postcard to my goddaughter. (Sorry for the neck pain, it just won't turn around - aaah I do not like that about blogger!)
Where's Wally

I received an introduction letter from a new penpal - A. from the Czech Republic. It was printed out and not that special, but here it is:
First letter from A.
That was all the mail from yesterday.

Today I went to the post office again to send these:
First, two postcrossing cards, one to Austria (the user wanted hearts) and one to Japan (that user wanted to see Santa Claus all year round)
Hearts to Austria

Santa Claus to Japan

I also mailed my reply to A. from the Czech Republic.
Reply to A.
I like the paper I used to make the envelope. 

And today I received a very very neat envelope - from another new penpal, M. from the Netherlands!
First letter from M.
Very very pretty, right? I am absolutely in love with that envelope. Also the content was really nice.

Letter from M.
A nice letter, some tea and some small tags. That letter did make my day :) I already wrote a reply but forgot to take a picture just until I had closed the envelope - I also sent a letter, a picture taken in Colombia and a postcard depicting a lighthouse. Do you also like lighthouses? I always wanted to live in one :)
Reply to M.
I will send the letter on monday. 
What are your plans for the weekend? Anything interesting?

Alles Liebe,