Dienstag, 7. Februar 2012

Just - the day of today

Hello again :) 
First, thanks for following my blog! I was all happy when I saw your little pictures there today!

So I had already told you that my boyfriend today had this really important exam. And as a good girlfriend, what would you do (except for studying with him, buying him sweets and chocolates (if anyone of you ever has to give him something - let it be sweets :) ), preparing his breakfast...? Yes, that's right, you would hide a little note in his bag for him to find on the train (did I mention that we both have to go 45 minutes per train each direction (plus walking, which adds another 45 minutes each way) to get from where we live to where we study? We had a talk on this thing of not studying in the same city and decided: everything is better than a (long) distance relationship. So if you include the waiting for the train and just sum everything up: If we were living each one in our city of studies, we would have 4 hours "plus" per day. Well, anyways, where was I? Ahh... right) to cheer him up and wish him good luck! And here's the one he found today:

Of course I won't show you the inside, but I just love these little letter-notes! I bought them way back in time and they are really tiny and lovely. I guess you can see from my handwriting that they are not that big. 
As to mail of today: nothing personal really. One letter from the German Post to send me my registering code for the letternet (A penpalling site, when I was younger they also would send you a magazine and free cards every three months, but they stopped that now) and my 2012-membership-card from my environmental organization. 
BUT: My boyfriend got this card which also said "Hi Caddi" so I'll document it here anyways (just to have something incoming...)

It's from Madrid and was sent by one of his fellow students who spent a semester there.

I thought I'd share something else I did today with you:

Party Balloons!!
Tadaaa! It's really wintery and cold here at the moment, plus, the sun didn't come out at all today, so I wanted to add a bit of color into our apartment. Some of the balloons are a bit crappy, but at least there's more color :) How do your walls look like?
Well, that's it as for today. I'll send some mail out tomorrow and am waiting for my postcrossing cards to finally arrive... I am having an urge to send something!

I hope you are all doing well and had an awesome day!

Alles Liebe,

PS: Maria: I'll be leaving a comment on your blog soon!

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