Freitag, 27. Juli 2012

Please remember...

that I arrived to the US yesterday... So any letters you sent to Germany will reach me in September. 
I have some letters with me that I will reply to during my stay here :)
Take care and 
alles Liebe,

Donnerstag, 19. Juli 2012

A slow (mail) week

Why is it that during the exams I got handfuls of mail and now that they are over only one piece a day at most? Does this also happen to you? 
Probably I shouldn't complain though as I still have to reply to loads... 

On tuesday I received this letter from Melissa. It's Star Wars themed! I was so excited :) 
Then today I got this card from M. from the Netherlands,
M. / Netherlands
 and this postcard from Fab in Italy!
Fab / Italy
 So you can see, there hasn't been much movement in my mailbox lately...

On saturday I sent a postcard to my goddaughter and a postcard from Luxembourg to my boyfriend, but didn't take a picture. 

This was sent out on monday,
Outgoing mail
 I especially like the two stamps on the top right.
I sent two more pieces of mail on tuesday, but I can't show them here because I forgot to take a picture of one of them and don't want to spoil the surprise of the other one...

So, all in all, a rather slow mail week.

What have you been up to?

Alles Liebe,

Sonntag, 15. Juli 2012

Flooded casemates

How are you doing? Is there also more rain than sun in your corner of the world? 
Yesterday I went on a day-trip to Luxembourg, at an one hour bus drive from Saarbrücken and the rain poured down - it was raining cats and dogs as I'd say in German :) Actually it was so rainy that the casemates, a world heritage site I really wanted to see, were closed because they were flooded :(

But still, rain also means that I have plenty of time to reply to letters - time I really need as they have piled up during the last weeks, given that I haven't really had the time to write anything besides exams (I wrote the last one on friday). 

This will be a post on the incoming of the last days, I hope to have finished enough letters in the next few days to make a post on the outgoing letters, too :)

I. / Philippines

A. / Czech Republic

A wonderful envelope with a long letter from Bee / Czech Republic

Ely / Mexico. That stamp is about the South American games, I was really happy when I saw it because it reminded me of the time when I went to see them in Medellín, Colombia.


Eli / Argentina - Eli sent me a cute handmade card to balance my stats :) Muchas gracias querida Eli!

Long letter from Lucas / USA

The stamps I won over at Bree's blog arrived! Thank you so much!

 Derrick / USA
I hope you are all having a good time and and enjoyed the weekend - did you do anything special?

Alles Liebe,

Dienstag, 10. Juli 2012


Hello guys,
Just two more exams to go! One is tomorrow, one is on friday and then from next week on I'll be back to writing letters. Finally!

Here's a quick post on the incoming mail of the last days!
Abbye / Northern Ireland

Jen / UK

Megi / Indonesia

Indonesian stamp

S. / Germany

Such a creative way to send a letter without an envelope!

Anne / USA

K. / Philippines

Has anyone of you ever visited New York or the Niagara Falls and do you have any tips (or do you want to come along (Aug. 29 - Sept. 10)?) or dos and don'ts? I'd really appreciate it!

Also, I'm still looking for people to write a guest post, so if you're interested leave a comment and I'll get to you with the information.

That's all for now, I have to study some more... Just three more days and then on friday afternoon the semester will be OVER! :)

Alles Liebe,

Donnerstag, 5. Juli 2012

Awesomeness in the mailbox!

Dear Readers,

how are you all doing? Well, I can tell you, I already finished 40 % of my exams and I admit to feel a bit exhausted – so that’s why I’m doing this blog post as a “pause” before continuing to study. Luckily the exams of next week won’t be as hard as the ones from this week (this wendesday was Law of Europe where you basically had to know all the cases of the last years – ugh, I truly don’t like law in that way! I like code law waaaay better than case law!) 

Well, now let's get to the mail :)

First, the outgoing:
Outgoing letters on monday: to my godmother and to F2 in Uganda

Outgoing letters yesterday: to Anna and N in Kenya
 Incoming Mail :)
Letter from my dear pal F. in Italy - sent with some stamps :)

A long chatty letter from Stephanie in the USA - also sent with extra (animal!) stamps for me! Thank you!

A postcard from Nia in Indonesia via sendsomething

I won a giveaway over at Jens blog!

I got some pretty stationery :)

And a big surprise - an envelope from Malaysia! Aida, who had won my giveaway sent me a surprise thank you package! Thank you so much! Included:

Hello Kitty Stickers

Airmail stickers. That bird is so cute!

A notebook which I might use as stationery :)

Some memo papers with winnie the pooh.

Stamps! Wow, I'm really spoiled with stamps lately :) Also included were three postcards, but they're not pictured here as I already put them on the fridge and didn't want to take them off again...
I now really have to get back to study. 

Please do email me if you want to post a guest post :) It would be great!

Alles Liebe,

Sonntag, 1. Juli 2012

Stats of the Month - June (and incoming)

June is over! 

That means: No more classes! Yay!
But it also means: Exams start tomorrow! :(

So, just a quick post on the Stats of the Month and I'll probably also show bits of the mail I received over the weekend (minues yesterday, as I haven't checked my PO Box).

In June, I
- sent 26 letters
- sent 5 postcards
- received 23 letters
- received 5 postcards.
So, almost even there! Well, but still, I have 7 letters to reply to...

Here's the mail picture! A few bits are missing, please don't ask me in which of my bags they are...
Incoming Mail of June
 And the graph of this month...
Stats of the Month - June

I also decided to do a little graph to show you where my mail comes from - so as you can see, a very high percentage is coming from the USA. But I'm glad to also have those bits of Kenia, Uganda, Argentina and the Philippines for example - it's a great thing to have a variety of mail in your mailbox :) Where does your mail come from?
The picture is a bit big, but this way at least you can read everything...

So, when I came home from Berlin yesterday, I had a few more letters to read...

From Michelle in the USA

From Anna in the USA. You should definitely check out her blog at, she sends awesome mail! As you can see :) I love love love the owl stickers and her envelope is just AWESOME. As I haven't been home the last days so my boyfriend picked up my mail at my PO Box and told me on the phone "Oh you got an awesome letter from someone in the USA, the envelope looks like it is composed of many old letters and it looks really great!" I agree. :)

Mail from Sri Lanka! Hooray for airmail envelopes!

A letter from Almanté in Lithuania who send some stamps along. Thank you so much!

And a letter all the way from Kenya.

As I said, yay for pen pals who send stamps along! The one with the hippo and the turtle is SO cute, don't you think?

Well, my dears, I'm off to study. I have to learn waste and water law. I'm absolutely not looking forward to the exam tomorrow. BUT I'm so looking forward to the 26th of July - as some of you already know, I'll be spending a few weeks in the USA and I probably will add a few extra days to go and see the Niagara Falls - they're not quite as awesome as the Igazu Falls (which I had dreamt of visiting this year), but they're also huge waterfalls :) Anyone having similar plans for early September?

Take care and 
alles Liebe,