Montag, 27. Februar 2012


Hello everybody :)

Outgoing mail of today:
This postcrossing card which went to a user in Germany. She had a postcard of this lighthouse in her favourites, but the picture was shot from a different angle - so I hope she'll like this card as well :)

Postcard to a German postcrosser

I also sent a reply to F. in Italy. Since the stationery I used features a flower, I decided to just use flower stamps :)
Letter to F. in Italy

As of incoming mail, there were three postcards waiting for me in my mailbox.

First, there was this library postcard from Vanessa. I'll sure try to go to this great library someday!
Library in Antwerpen

I also got another postcard from Belgium, through postcrossing. It shows the Count's Castle in Gent. Do you guys like castles? I sure do! 
The count's castle in Gent

As to the last card, this one is from a lottery I won in the postcrossing forum:
Lübeck Marzipan
Niederegger in Lübeck is one of the world's best producers of marzipan and sweets. Marzipan potatoes are one of my favourite sweets - what about you?

And do you know what this card has in common with the one from Belgium?
The one from Belguim had a stamp featuring chocolate :)
Stamps from Germay and Belgium

I hope you had a good (mail) day!

Alles Liebe,

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