Samstag, 25. Februar 2012

Mail of the weekend

Hello dear readers,
today was a good mail day. But lets first talk about yesterday. 

Yesterday I sent some postcrossing cards, three official ones to Germany, Poland and Slovakia (I thought I'd never get to send that card with the boats, but the user had it in her favourites, so why not...) and one card for the ad-card-tag on the Forum. I was supposed to send an animal so I sent the fish :) I also got cards like that with a frog, a little pig and a Dalmatian.

Postcrossing cards to Poland, Slovakia and Germany and an ad-card for the ad-card-tag
I received a postcrossing card from the Netherlands, from Almere.
Almere in the Netherlands
I also received a big envelope from Finland - and had no idea what it contained. But I soon found out :) Kaki has been so kind to send me along with her handmade card which you can see on the right, an article about reindeers (too bad I can't read it, because it's all in Finnish, but the pictures are very nice :) ) and some stamps! That was so kind of her!
Many finnish stamps sent from Kaki

Today, I only sent one letter out, it's now on its way to Rocio in Argentina.
Letter to Rocio in Argentina

As of incoming mail, there were four envelopes waiting for me in my PO Box.
Incoming of today

I got a letter from Olivia in the US, who explained me everything about homeschooling (I was curious ;) ). I like how the envelope looks "normal" at first sight, but when you turn it around you'll have a surprise by seeing all those little flowers :)
Letter from Olivia


The next envelope contained a stamp from the US, the 1955 Atoms for peace stamp, together with two postcards.

Then there was a lovely first letter from F., a new penpal from Italy. She used GREAT London stationery. Now I'll have to find some good stationery to reply to her...
Letter from F. in Italy

The last envelope contained stamps (again!). These are all stamps from Africa. I tell you, those are some great stamps! Wanna have a look? Alright, I'll show you some... Remember that you can click on the pictures to see them bigger.
What about some snakes?

Or rather frogs and toads?

No, don't like toads? Well, have some turtles then...*

Aah, I got it, you don't like amphibians, but reptiles!
Not real reptiles, just dragons?
Why not dinosaurs?

Oh, you like those animals better?

You don't like animals at all?? Have some trains, then...

I'm sorry for all those comments on the pictures, but... well, sometimes you have to be strange, right?
I'll better be ending this here.

Take care you all and

alles Liebe,

*You gotta know that turtles in German are called "toads with shields"... haha


  1. Ayer recibí tu carta Cata, me encantó, espero pronto poder escribirte :D
    Un abrazo.

    1. Que bueno, me alegra!
      Ya estoy esperando tu carta :)


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