Montag, 30. April 2012

I need to put my brain back to working...

 ... because it seems I am forgetting everything.

First, I forgot to send the letter to F. last week. Next, I finished two replies and one extra letter last week and forgot to take them with me on friday. I sent two postcards and forgot to take pictures of them before putting them in the mailbox. (Well, at least I did that, right?) And I forgot my cellphone in Berlin. I just hope I am able to get through the next week without lots of chaos :)

Anyways, here are the pictures!

Letters I forgot to send (one is a reply to my grandma, a letter I forgot to take a photo of... (and now I am way to lazy :))

Another letter I forgot to send

Letter to M. which I luckily didn't finish until in Berlin, so I did send it on the weekend.

Letter to M.

I am trying to match the color of the stamps to those of the envelopes... works more or less :)

On Friday, before heading to Berlin, I got two letters! 
One was from Jennifer in the UK,
Letter from Jennifer in the UK
 and one from Stephanie in the USA.
Letter from Stephanie. Do you notice the GREAT stamps?
 And today, when I came back from Berlin, I had a very nice letter waiting for me! Judging from the stamp, I though the letter was from England - but the letter is from Abbye in Northern Ireland
Letter from Abbye
I am already looking forward to replying to all those letters! I already started :)

Alles Liebe,

(Do you have plans for tomorrow? Respectively, is the first of May a holiday in where you live?)

Stats of the Month - April

April is over! Wow, that went fast!
After last months high peek of postcards I sent out, this month was rather quiet. 

I received 14 letters and 7 postcards. 
And I sent 11 letters and 8 postcards. I have 4 more letters waiting to be sent since thursday and friday, but I always forgot to take them with me... So they'll be counting for May.

Anyways, here's a picture of some of the lovely mail I got in the past two months!!

How was your mail month? 

Take care and

alles Liebe,

Donnerstag, 26. April 2012

Mail update!

Hello dear fellow snail mail lovers!
So, how did you like the video? I thought it to be great :)
Well, here's the latest mail! 
This is a letter I got on tuesday from my only German pen pal, L. It was nice hearing from her again!
Letter from L.
I like the stamps which are dedicated to something - like this one, which says "Für uns Kinder". It's a stamp series which exists since 1993, you can see all the stamps so far on Wikipedia. What do you think about them? BTW, they are always for one letter, so you can see that since 1993, the price for sending one letter has increased 4 cents. Not that much.
German Stamp

I finished the letter for F. in Italy, but didn't think of taking a photo before sealing the envelope. I used some of the stickers I got from fellow snail mail lovers :)
Letter to F.
 And here's another German stamp.
The Bavarian Forest, south-eastern Germany

Yesterday I had some incoming mail! Yay!
First, there was this card I got from Laura. I immediatly wanted to have some... tea you think? No, not quite right. Hot milk with honey. :) hehe. That's the drink which puts me to sleep :)
Letter from Laura

And I also got mail from the Netherlands! M. sent me a lovely letter and some postcards.
Letter from M.
 Look at the details! Isn't it pretty?
Letter from M.

Has spring arrived to where you live? 

Take care!
Alles Liebe,

Mittwoch, 25. April 2012

This is how...

... I write my letters!

Do spend the five minutes, it's totally worth it!

(A mail post coming soon...)

Sonntag, 22. April 2012

Mail (and hail)

I didn't go to see my P.O.Box this weekend, as the weather was unpredictable all the time. Right now the sun is shining, but we also had rain today and even heavy hail. It's becoming cloudier right now again.

Well, but on friday I did check my mail and I got a letter from F., Italy.
Letter from F.
Isn't that stamp amazing? How do you call those kind of stamps in English?
Letter from F.
I correspond in Spanish with F., we both need to practice and it works really well :) In what languages do you guys correspond with your pen pals?

Speaking of languages, I also replied to the letter from Togo. I wrote in English, I forgot most of my active french - I do understand it though. He wrote part of the letter in French, but I didn't think about replying in French before I closed the letter. Oh well. I might have to add a PS to the envelope saying that he shall feel free to write in French even though I didn't do so.
Letter to Togo

I found that flowery paper in a store on friday and didn't think twice before buying it :) It wasn't that expensive either, 25 A5 sheets for 1 €. Did you buy anyhing nice lately?

I hope all of you could relax a bit over the weekend!

Alles Liebe,

Freitag, 20. April 2012

Of King Mensah and tape.

I'm back with more mail! 

First, I received two letters yesterday - one is from a new pen pal in Togo. That letter took more than two weeks to reach me! What do you guys know about Togo? (Without cheating, don't use Wikipedia for your answer...) I'm just wondering as I was surprised by some things. 

Letter coming all the way from Togo
Stamp from Togo.
The guy on that stamp is "King Mensah", one of the most popular musical acts from Togo. Wikipedia says about him: "Though based in Lomé, he regularly records and promotes his albums in Paris, and has embarked on several world tours since 2005. Singing in Mina, Ewe, and French, King Mensah's sound fuses elements of traditional Ewe music (Agbadza and Akpessé), and Kabye dance-drum music, with funk, reggae and West African Afropop. King Mensah's lyrical themes are steeped in religion and hopeful encouragement for the orphaned, oppressed and downtrodden."

The other letter I received didn't travel two weeks, but two days! Letters from Jennifer in the UK always arrive so fast, it's amazing. 
Letter from Jennifer

I also managed to get some mail ready yesterday, which I will be dropping in the mailbox in two hours. The letter in the middle is the reply to Jennifer, I used the same paper as yesterday for the envelope. I bought some tape yesterday which is all hearts and stuff like that, I hope you don't mind me using them - I was so exited to finally being able to buy some tape like that that I didn't realize the motive until at home.  Apart from the letter for Jennifer, there also is a reply to the postcard I got from I., a postcard for my goddaughter, a happy-birthday-postcard and a long due thank-you-postcard. 
Outgoing of today

Lovethemed tape - well. I can't write thousands of letters to my boyfriend, so you guys will also get some love :)

A thank-you-postcard that should have been written earlier already...
I like to use stamps which remind me of spring these days, because I want it to be sunny and warm all the time. Sadly it's not. But at least on my stamps there are flowers and bees and lighthouses on sunny days. :)
What are your plans for the weekend? Do you have nice weather?

Alles Liebe,

Donnerstag, 19. April 2012

The first mail of the day

I didn't have much time the last days, so I only finished one reply I'll be mailing off this morning. But I plan to write more once on the train :) And hopefully I'll have some mail waiting in my P.O. Box for me!
So, here's only one quick picture of the letter going out in an hour to Olivia. My boyfriend brought me flowers yesterday and I decided to reuse the flower-paper. I think I'll be using that paper for mor envelopes :)

Letter to Olivia

I hope you are all having a good time!
Take care and
alles Liebe,

Dienstag, 17. April 2012

Of Chocolate and Argentina among other things...

Finally a post on all the incoming mail of the last days! This post is not chronological, it's just the order I have the pictures on my camera... 

Postcard from Sabrina
 First, a postcard from Sabrina in Finland! I would love to go to Finland one day, it all seems so peaceful and quiet.... and I would love to see northern lights! Did anyone of you ever see northern lights?

postcrossing card from Russia
 Next in the row is this postcrossing card I got from Russia. Sadly I don't understand any of it becauses it is all written in russian... oh well.

Postcard from the Netherlands
 I got this postcard from a guy in the Netherlands, I sent him a postcard on postcrossing a few weeks ago and he decided to write back :) 

Letter from M.
 Also from the Netherlands, this lovely letter from M. She also sent a photo and some used stamps for my collection in that lovely little envelope you can see there!

Chocolate letter
 Yum.... I got chocolate! Well, not really chocolate, but a letter wrapped in chocolate paper :) A good idea, don't you think? This letter was sent from Olivia.

postcard from Laura
 I also got a postcard from Laura, a very nice one as I thought :)

Letter from Rocio
 Then there was a letter from Rocio in Argentina!

Argentinian stamps
 Look at the lovely stamps!

Postcard showing the nightfall in the Calchaqui Valley, Salta, North-Argentina
 Interesting enough, I got a postcard from Argentina on the exact same day, too! This one is from my dear cousin who spent some days in the north of Argentina. Isn't it beautiful? I so long to go to South America again....

Argentinian stamp
 Once again a very nice stamp. Those two pieces of mail even got stamped on the same day! But they are from totally different corners of Argentina, so I am impressed they both made it here on the same day!

Make my day
 Last, but not least, this little package from Bubbles.

And the contents! Three sheets of outline-stickers, a lovely little note and an extra, as it was easter! Chocolate! So nice! Thank you!

I hope you are all doing well. I finally handed in the paper I had to write yesterday, I am really glad that it's (almost) over now... I still have to prepare everything today to present it tomorrow, but at least I don't have to write anything anymore.

Alles Liebe,

Donnerstag, 12. April 2012

A very quick update...

So, before heading back to the library I thought I could give you a short update on my four last sent letters - I had sent a few more, but don't have pictures of thos.

Anyways, here's one letter I sent to M. in the Netherlands,

Letter to M. in the Netherlands
and three more letters, going to the Czech Republic, Italy and the UK. So, no mail crossing the big blue ocean from me this week (until now).

Letters to the Czech Republic, Italy and the UK

Someone said to love flower stamps....

What are your plans for the weekend?

I hope you are all doing well!

Take care and
alles Liebe,

Dienstag, 10. April 2012

I have absolutely no time for blogging...

... yet that I am writing my paper which is due for monday (18 pages to go... eeek!) and am having lots of extracurricular activities to do NOW.
I have finished three letters on the train today though and will take pictures soon, so sometimes next week (probably after the presentation which is on wednesday) I will show you some mail photos :) I'll also post the mail stats for March (finally...).
Take care! And thanks for the patience...
Alles Liebe,

Freitag, 6. April 2012

Lots and lots of pretty mail

Hello... I had written this a few days ago, but I had absolutely no time to add the pictures and post it. Here it is, finally.

Hello guys,
so, as I promised earlier today, here's my incoming mail from the last week. I was surprised at how much I got!
I came home from skiing on saturday night so I did go to check my P.O.Box in the early morning on sunday. I found so much!

The first thing to see was this package I got from Laura!
She surprised me with a lovely letter, some nice stickers, and above all, a really cute letterset! Isn't she an adorable girl?

Package from Laura

A lovely letter set!

I also got a letter from Jennifer, who now already went to Germany. I will be sending her reply to the UK, but since she's not home anyways for 10 days or so, I don't have to stress me with replying haha.
Letter from Jen

Next on the stack was a nice letter from F., my spanish-speaking pen pal from Italy. She used some Diddl-paper. Do you guys like Diddl-paper? Because I still have LOTS of different sheets. I used to collect them when I was in primary school and we would swap in class. I think I have like maybe 100 to 200 different ones. I never counted ;-)

Letter from F.
I also got a postcard from L. 
Postcard from L.
I got two postcrossing cards, too, one from China and one from Taiwan.

Don't they just have lovely stamps?

Another thing which didn't arrive to my P.O.Box, but to our mailbox were the postcards I sent my boyfriend from Turkey. FINALLY! They told me at the post office that they'd be here in a week... well, let's call it a month :)

That was all the mail I got on sunday. But monday also was a very good mail day! I had asked a friend of mine to check my P.O.Box on thursday and he did and gave me all the fun mail that I had gotten until then in class. The other students who were sitting around me were all "ooooh" and "aaaah" and "look at that!". Hehe.

I got this letter from Stephanie in the US.

Letter from Stephanie
 It was filled with lots of great goodies! A long chatty letter, some magazine-articles and my first FB! Thank you so much Steph, a reply is on it's way to you!

How old is this stamp? I love it!
 I also got another letter from Laura. It's amusing, because our letters always seem to cross in the air.

I got another postcrossing card, this time from Russia. I always waited to receive a postcard like that from Russia, and finally, here it is!

I also got mail from people I didn't know before, but who found my address on the Good Mail Day - Blog.

This AMAZING postcard from Brittany. I wish I'd be that talented!

 I also got a letter from Mandy, who seems to be very creative, too!

So, that was the mail I got while being away for a week. Quite a lot, don't you think?

I hope you are all having a great week! What are your plans for the easter-holidays?

Take care and

alles Liebe,