Sonntag, 5. Februar 2012

And off it goes....

Hi everybody!
So, today I decided to start my own mail-related blog! Hurray!
I have seen so many great blogs out here that I am almost frightened to start mine :-S Anyways, I already started it, so it's way to late to worry now. Plus, most of the blogs I have seen are from people who either are from
a) the USA
b) Canada or
c) Australia.
So, this is adding a blog from Germany. Also, if you haven't been able to work out how my blog is actually called, it is "postsüchtig". Except that for internet-adresses you can't use the ü and have to write ue instead. That's German and means "mail-addicted". I guess we all are...
A little something and a few random facts about me: My nickname is Caddi and I just turned 21. I live in south-western Germany together with my boyfriend. We are one of those couples that always have been together - at least it feels like it. Anyways, I am very happy with him and he is the best thing to exist on earth. I am studying environmental law in a very very small university - there are maybe 2.500 students and I just love that. It's a lot more familiar and comfortable. I am also active in a local environmental organization and am running a kids club - everything about nature. :) I am fluent in Spanish and miss using it at a daily base. Anyone out there who wants to write to me in Spanish? I promise to answer! A few years ago I calculated and came to the conclusion that I have read at least 3.000 books. Plus the ones I read since them. I use the first Harry Potter book to learn languages. I have read it in German (obviously), English, Spanish and am now working on the French version. Next step: Dutch! And: I love writing letters. I had several pen pals when I was going to school, but after graduating and spending time abroad we somehow lost contact. I am currently penpalling with some friends, but I am looking for more.
Please do not hesitate to mail me literally anything. No stop. Just mail me those things you also would like to receive yourself. I will reply :) The first letters will probably be shorter than the ones I will be sending you once we get to know each other :)
Looking forward to get to know you all and
alles Liebe

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  1. Hi Caddi! I would love to be your penpal :) I can write you in Spanish or English ^^


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