Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2012

A second try and some more postcards

Hello :)
So, my last post was on saturday, so let's see what happened since then.

Sunday, naturally, was a day without mail. 

On monday, I sent the letter to M. and also three postcrossing postcards - to the Netherlands, Belarus and the US.
Postcrossing cards

Sadly, I didn't receive any mail except for a Magazine on monday.

Yesterday, I received two postcards, one postcard being a postcrossing card from China and the other one is a postcard showing lighthouses of Connecticut. Did you know that Connecticut has 21 surviving lighthouses, of which 13 are active? I won this card in a lottery on the postcrossing forum and I am very happy with it :)

Postcrossing Card from China
Lighthouses of Connecticut

I also received a letter from my goddaughter - it consists of a drawn picture and a letter dictated to my friend who wrote it down. My goddaughter actually just wrote her name and my name :) I do like it very much.

Letter from my goddaughter
 The bad news was that the letter I sent to M. came back to me - it was 13 cms to 17 cms and the maximum allowed is 12 cms. So, I had two options: pay another 2,70€ or make a new envelope and try again. I did make a new envelope. And today I asked the clerk if it was okay and he said yes so I am quite optimistic that it'll make it this time. 

That leads us to the mail of today. I sent the newly wrapped letter to M., a postcard to one of my godmothers and another Wally card for my goddaughter. I sent a letter and a Magazine to my friend (my goddaughters mother) along with it. (And yes, I reuse those big envelopes - do you?)

A second try for the mail to M. in the Netherlands

 A postcard to my godmother

Mail to my goddaughter and her mother
 I also received something today - a letter from Laura! I'll send a reply in the next days and post a picture of it once Laura receives it. On the card you can see a painting from Claude Monet, it's called "Landscape at Zaandam".
Letter from Laura

How are you doing? I today am actually really good - the sun is shining and it's 10°C and that always is a good reason to be happy :) I went to buy some stamps today and had my boyfriend with me, so we also had some icecream. Do you like icecream in winter? I like icecream whenever the sun is shining, let that be summer or winter. 

I collect the floral stamps issued by the German Post. I already have 21 different ones. I am missing the 0,75€ though (the international one). Would anyone like to receive some mail from Germany and is willing to cut the stamp out and send it back to me? If so, leave a comment below (with your address, too, if I cannot find it in your blog or somewhere else) and I'll send you something :) Please also put something like "Stamps for me" or the like. :) Thanks!
New Stamps
Alles Liebe,


  1. I love icecream all year, no matter the weather! While visiting Savannah, GA for a couple days last weekend, we stopped for icecream. It was probably about 15°C and sunny. My grandmother had worked there in her teens (in the mid-1950's), although it was in a different location then. I love icecream!

    1. Lucky you to have 15°C! Over here it has gotten colder again - maybe 5°C.
      When I was a kid, I would sometimes go to the icecream parlor 5 times a day :) I think I spent all of my pocket-money either on icecream or on books.

  2. Wow, I'm jealous - I haven't received a single card since 2010!!!!

    1. If you like to, you can send me something (you can find my address in the "Want to correspond?"-section) and I'll send you something back!
      Thanks for reading my blog :)

  3. Those stamps are beautiful. Nice and springy. Just what we need now as we root for the lovely season.

    1. Yes, I really do like them a lot! I am so looking forward to spring :)

  4. Hallo! Ely'm aus Venezuela.
    Ich bin an dem Projekt 52 Wochen der Mail, cartearnos wir? meine E-Mails und mein Blog ist
    ich von Google übersetzt, wenn man Unsinn zu lesen.
    Haben schönen Tag!

  5. With mail comes patience. I hate when things come back. But it reminds me of that song 'Return to Sender' by Elvis Presley. :)
    Cute blog you got here. I love snail mail blogs!


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