Want to correspond?

I'm glad to see you here on this page :)
I'd love you to send me any from of mail - let it be letters, postcards, FBs, mail art or even books or pink roses through the mail service. If you want us to be regular penpals, please write letters of at least medium length though - that is two DIN A 5 pages front and back or more. You might also want to have a look at the "Letters I love" post before you write :) I speak and write English, German and Spanish and understand French, so all of those languages are fine for me. (If you write in French, please indicate if I can write back in any of the other languages - that would make it a lot easier for me :))
If you include your address, I will return the favor in a timely manner. Please understand that sometimes I will run out of time (due to University) or money for stamps (due to life and such things like wanting to eat something and paying the rent), though.
I'll see you in the mail!
Alles Liebe,

Caddi G.

Prinz-Friedrich-Leopold-Str. 23
14129 Berlin 

If you see anything from you up here and are uncomfortable with it, please tell me and I will take it down as soon as possible!
You can reach me at caddipenpal (at) yahoo (dot) de.

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