Sonntag, 5. Februar 2012

Incoming mail this weekend

Let me show you the postcards I received this weekend.

On the very top, you can see a card with a polar bear on it. That card was sent as a thank you card via postcrossing. 
The card left to it is a reprint of a chinese poster, showing "lotus girls". It is an official postcrossing card from the Netherlands. 
The one below that is a viewcard from Ushuaia. Don't know where that is? At the end of the world. It's a city in Argentina and the captial city of the Tierra del Fuego state. It was sent by my cousin who is spending a year in Argentina and went there on holidays.  Lucky gal.
The next card in the row is an ad-card sent from Austria. There is an ad-card-tag in the (German) postcrossing forum and I am sometimes tagging there. It says "Could you join a team in under 15 minutes?" and is an ad for Lufthansa. 
The next card is a Lali-Card. See a close up below. I love them. On these Lali-Cards you have to find certain things - as on this card: Which tomcat doesn't have a twin? Found it? Leave a comment :) 
And, finally, the last card is also an ad-card from the ad-card-tag. I like it a lot, might be because I like elephants! :)

Which tomcat doesn't have a twin?

Alles Liebe,

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