Donnerstag, 14. März 2013

Getting ready to leave...

So tomorrow our journey begins. We have packed clothes, a flashlight, sun cream and bathing suits. We know where we'll stay the first nights and roughly where we want to go. We found a new apartment and will sign the lease tomorrow. We're ready to go!

During the last days I managed to write a bit of mail and am currently still writing more. I sent out two packages, two postcards, six letters and will send another four letters and two postcards tomorrow - maybe even more if I manage to write fast :)

Here is some of the mail I sent out during these days:

A letter going out to Laura. 

A letter travelling to a penpal here in Germany. I love the stamp here as well as the Janosch-stamp I used on Lauras letter.

More mail on its way - two postcards travelling in Germany, a letter to the USA, one to the UK and another one for the Philippines

So... what is left to do? I'm already quite excited, let me tell you that :) Do you have any traditions, what do you do before you leave for a trip? Personally, I learnt from my mother to clean everything and leave it nice and tidy, so that you don't come back into a mess.

I hope you're having a great month so far, enjoy the rest of it as well! Oh, and may I ask you a favor? If you were going to send me something, can you hold it until April? I'd rather have it in your hands than in my PO Box - you never know, you know?

All the best!