Dienstag, 15. Mai 2012

Paris envelopes!

Hello all,
before I start showing you the mail I received yesterday, I will show you two more postcards that went out yesterday together with the other bunch I already showed you.
a postcard to my dad
a happy-birthday postcard
Such a cute stamp! I really like train stamps, and this one is awesome in my opinion :)

On to the incoming mail!
One postcard from the US, which was sent to me via sendsomething. I really do like it and it has a nice message on the back, too!

New York postcard via sendsomething

An incoming letter from Jennifer in the UK. The stationery is really cute! And I like the airmail stickers :) The two on the right are both German ones, but sadly they don't produce the blue and red one which says Luftpost any longer, just the priority one. I liked the older one more.

Letter from Jennifer

The next letter waiting for me was sent from Northern Ireland, from Abbye. She has such a pretty handwriting! And for some reason, this is the second letter I got from her and none of the stamps she used has been cancelled until now... Hm... I already have been thinking of sending the envelope back to that person if something like that happens so that they can use them again, but then on the other hand, I like to keep the envelopes with the corresponding letters :) What do you think?
Letter from Abbye

I also got a big envelope from Aya over at Travel by postcards and letters! She had offered to send envelopes and I saw that she had some Paris envelopes so I said YEEESSSS!!!! I have some pen pals who happen to love Paris, and so do I. 

So, I got this wonderful package yesterday!
Package from Japan

She also enclosed a lovely note, some stickers and a neat postcard! I really do like the colors of the postcard and don't you think the note paper she used is awesome?

Aaaaaand.... here they are! I got a total of 40 envelopes! Can you believe it? I was so happy glaring at all of them, and to be honest, I don't know if I can send all of them out... I think I'll have to keep some for myself for a bit more time. They are just so pretty :) I'll show you some of my favourites beneath.
Isn't this one great?
very very cute!
I really really like this one!
But I did wonder why this statement was on there....
this one is awesome, too!
I love all the things that you can see on the envelopes
This one is very simple but yet so cute!
They somehow make me want to travel somewhere and creating an awesome photo-book afterwards!
Just like this one.
And this one has German writing!
Well, I'm sorry for the picture overload... but I was so exited :) I hope you don't mind ;)

Oh by the way, I was just checking my calendar and realized I don't really have a clue of your birthdays (well, I know some, but not all...). So if you want to be kind, please leave a comment with your date of birth so I can make sure to send you my congratulations via mail :)

Take care!!

Alles Liebe,


  1. I love that train stamp too! And those envelopes are awesome, too :D

  2. I love, love, love the envelopes. Oh! Lucky you :)

    1. Thanks :) And I am indeed very lucky to have received them!! :)

  3. The train stamp is absolutely awesome...I agree with you.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! And yep, we do agree, the train stamp is awesome :)

  4. I love the postcards as the images are so clear and such stunning views. As for the envelopes they are fantastic. I get them of course with all the letters sets that I buy but sadly I can't use any of them as the letters always come back to me so I will soon offer them. Its such a shame as they are what you are paying for with it having majority of the detail on.

    Olivia has left a comment here and recently on her blog she posted a way to remove stamps, maybe its worth trying so that you can keep them envelope but send the stamp back.

    1. Oh they come back? I hope that doesn't happen to me... I will use two of them today, but hearing that I think I'll pick some where the address box is rather big and clear so that I don't get problems with that....

      Many of them are vertical, too, which is a problem here as you are supposed to write the address in the horizontal way because if not, the machines will not be able to read it etc.

      Removing the stamps is a possibility, but I'll have to think about it again. Well, we'll see.

      Take care!

  5. Que chulas las cartitas y las hojas aquí no encuentro tan chulas!!

    Te sigo en el blog ^^ gracias por pasarte por el mio.

    Perdona que no te escriba en ingles pero no se.

    1. Hola Patry,
      no hay problema si escribes en Español :)
      Gracias por pasarte por mi blog, espero que aunque no entiendas las cosas que escribo te gustan las fotos jajaja.
      Cuidate mucho!


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