Sonntag, 20. Mai 2012

Incahuasi Island, Uyuni Salt Flats, Altiplano Boliviano, Bolivia

Happy sunday to all of you :)
Who of you reads the sunday secrets?

Today I just have two pieces of mail to share with you - the replies to the letters I received on friday.

First, let's have a look at the letter going to Lucas. That's one of my favourite envelopes :) You can find an explanation of the picture below...
INCAHUASI ISLAND, UYUNI SALT FLATS, ALTIPLANO BOLIVIANO, BOLIVIA. On the remote Bolivian high plateau, things are often made of the materials at hand. This toilet was carved from the trunk of a dried cactus which is the only abundant material here other than salt. For comfort's sake, all its needles have been removed. Situated along the hiking trail that circles the island, the toilet sits over a hole dug in the ground.

This is the letter going out to F. in Italy.
Letter on its way to F. in Italy

The stamps I used this time are both those I bought on friday - it feels strange only sticking one stamp to the envelope, but I have to admit it's very comfortable :)
The stamps I used this time.

I hope you have equally as much sun we have over here!

Alles Liebe,

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  1. Thats an interesting fact about the postcard, a scenic view whilst using the toilet too :).

    I've never read the sunday secrets so off to see what it is :)


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