Dienstag, 22. Mai 2012

Good mail day, good news!

Hello dear readers,
I hope you are all enjoying some sun :)

Yesterday I received great mail! Such a good way to start a week, don't you think?

4 letters I received yesterday

This is the letter I received from Shelby - lots of great stuff! A letter, stamps for me, a postcard of Arkansas and also some facts and information about Arkansas. Great mail :) Thank you Shelby!
Letter from Shelby

Next was a letter from Olivia - I really like the stationery she used :) Plus, the envelope is made of a map - always a bonus point ;)
Letter from Olivia

Then, there was this letter from Stephanie. I love her long, chatty letters :) I am already working on my reply! Oh, and do you see that cherry-blossom-stamps? Awesome, right?
Letter from Stephanie

The fourth letter was from Patricia, a first letter. It felt so strange to receive a first letter instead of writing it ;)
Letter from Patricia

Stephanie did put lots of cute drawings in her letter - I will only share this one with you as this is how I feel right now :) I'm looking forward to reply to you all!
Cute drawing
Oh, and I also have good news - I will tell you in a letter :) I wish you a happy mail week and lots of good news these days!

Alles Liebe,


  1. Ooh - fun mail. I can't wait until all my first letters start turning into this!!

    1. I hope you'll soon have the joy of receiving lots of fun mail :)

  2. Glad you liked the letter/stationary/envelope! When I printed the paper, I had you in mind to send it to :)

    1. :) That's fun :) Thanks for sending it to me! I just printed some stationery, too, I think you'll get a reply on those :)

  3. Que rapido te llego mi carta ^^ que bien que llegara bien y espero que te gustara.


    1. Si, me gusto. Te mandare una respuesta dentro de algunos dias :)

  4. I love that map envelope!! Love love love! :)


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