Sonntag, 6. Mai 2012

Catch up weekend

So, I did catch up on mail a bit this weekend...

This is what will be going out tomorrow:

Outgoing of tomorrow

First, a second try. Do you remember the great postcard Brittany sent me? Well, I don't know if she ever got my reply so I decided to take another try and made a new postcard to send to her. I hope this time it'll arrive safe!
Postcard to Brittany

Then, there's a letter to my host-sister in the US, with lots of congratulations.
Letter travelling to the US
It may not be for the color - but the stamp does fit to the letter :) Herzlichen Glückwünsch means Congratulations in German

I also finally replied to the letter from Rocio in Argentina. It always is a bit strange to switch from writing letters in English to writing letters in Spanish.
Letter to Rocio
 And the stamp:

I wanted to write to people in other areas than the US and Europe, as I mainly do until now. Don't get me wrong, I really do like all your letters and don't want to miss them, but I thought it might be interesting to write with persons from other continents, too. So I was looking for pen pals from Africa on Letternet and asked some registered girls there for their addresses and two already replied so I also wrote two letters to Kenya. 

The first one is going to N.:
Letter to N. in Kenya
and the second one to B.
Letter to B.
I hope they'll get there safely! I am also wondering how long they'll take to get there....

You may have noticed that I rarely use the priority stamps for letters and postcards inside Europe or to the US - I feel it doesn't really make a difference. However, I hope they'll be of any good on these letters to rather "remote" areas. Do you have any "exotic" pen pals? Or, the other way round, are you an "exotic" pen pal to your pen pals?

The last thing to go out tomorrow is a birthday present for my boyfriends sister. The stamps are not on there yet because even if I am quite sure it'll be 2,20 € my boyfriend wants to check that at the post office tomorrow.
a birthday present

I don't know anything about the weekends mail, as I haven't been to the PO Box, but on friday I got this postcrossing postcard from Belarus. It's pretty good for being a postcrossing card :)
Postcrossing card from Belarus

How was your weekend? Did you have sun? We didn't :(

Alles Liebe,


  1. I take all my mail to the post office and they stick an airmail sticker on every package/letter.

    I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting to write to people in unusual places as thats the whole point of writing letters... to make a friend but also to learn of their customs and traditions. I don't have all that much look with people from those places though as I have tried.

  2. Oh that Herzlichen Glückwünsch stamp is just too cute! I want it! :)

  3. I have a few penpals from Asia and I've recently gotten two from Africa (Ghana and South Africa). African penpals are pretty hard to find though. Someday I'd also like to find a penpal from Latin America since I've been fascinated with Latin American countries for many years.


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