Dienstag, 8. Mai 2012

First letters

Who of you likes to write first letters? I think it is a pretty hard task - you don't know anything about the other one yet, you don't know if you have common interests, you have to describe yourself.... I cannot say that I like it.

But, what did I do yesterday?

Well, let me see....

I wrote

a first letter to Sri Lanka,

another first letter to Sri Lanka,

a third first letter to Sri Lanka,

a first letter to the Philippines,

another first letter to the Philippines,

a first letter to Turkey,

a first letter to Uganda,

and another first letter to Uganda.
 So, that makes....
a total of 8 first letters in one day. Let's see how many of them will be responded....

Do you guys like first letters?

Alles Liebe,


  1. It depends on my mood and if I have written more than one in a week ;) gets a bit boring doing them to fast after each other. But it does gives you some things to write about

    1. Yes, I indeed was a bit bored after it... actually I couldn't hear anything else about me :)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I don't really like first letters as they're boring to write (you always write the same stuff), but not that hard. You write about yourself, and if you're not able to talk about yourself, then who else is?! The thing that makes first letters hard is that you never know if you'll get a letter back... so you have to open yourself to someone you might never get to know.

    1. Exactly, that's how I feel, too! I want to make each letter individual, but in the end you end up just telling everybody the same things. And I don't want to tell too much, either, because as you said, you don't know them and you don't know if they'll ever reply.

  3. I like them. I think they dictate a bit how future letters will be. I like to write the very first ones myself. I try to tell as much about myself as I can, have fun, share some thoughts. I think it is important to show a bit of trust, so that the letters go deeper than the superficial talk. I try to really open up. :)

    (Have you ever received my first letter?! O_o)

    1. Wow, so here we have the one who writes great first letters! Too bad I never received the one you sent me :( I still have not given up hope, though.
      Have fun this last day in Germany!

  4. I'm not sure about first letters, I always feel like I'm writing really boring stuff in them! and I hate to make a bad first impression >,< Oh by the way, I got your letter today :)!!

    1. I'm glad you got it!
      After a few letters I think it's fine, but the first ones are somehow arkward to me...

  5. I generally don't like writing them. I feel like I always say the same things over and over, but recently I've been trying to find new ways to mix them up. I also think I try to be too formal in first letters, when in reality I am not.

    Also, eight introduction letters is a LOT! Out of curiosity, are these people you found on blogs, through postcrossing, or what?

    Oh,and I received and blogged about your letter today! :)

    1. Hey Shelby,
      glad to see you here :) And I'm glad you got your letter!

      I feel that first letters usually also tend to be shorter than the later ones, because you can only say so much about yourself... And you are right, 8 introduction letters are a lot! I found all of them via letternet, a pen pal club organized by the German post. I really do like it :)

      Take care!

  6. I don't like writing first letters mainly because I feel uncomfortable writing to someone I don't really know. Besides, I'm not a good judge of characters and I either felt inadequate or too much after reading a pen pal ad! However, I prefer receiving first letters as I can see whether there's a click or not. Anyway, though how much I detested first letters, sometimes I still have to write them. Yeah, not everybody know that I'm exist so I've to do the first move :)

    1. Yes, I also like receiving first letters more than replying to them! There's like a little kick - will we click? What stories does that person has to tell?
      Thanks for the comment!


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