Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2012

Lots of incoming letters

How have you been doing lately? I am pretty good actually, just very tired... but oh well, who isn't, right?
Anyways, I had lots of incoming mail since I last posted! Today I didn't receive anything, but the other mail delivery days (tuesday and wednesday) I received three letters every day :) Do you also want to receive more mail? Well, there's the famous "send mail - get mail back", but you have another option these days! Laura is offering letters to anyone who comments on her blog here, so if you'd like to receive a letter, head over there and leave your address (or send her your address via email) and soon you'll have a happy mailbox :) Laura sends some lovely mail :)

So, I know you all want the mail pictures...

I guess one reason of why the mail seems so much to me, is that I got many first letters in the last days!

On tuesday, I received a letter from Jennifer,

Letter from Jennifer
 an intro letter from Destiny from the US
Letter from Destiny
 and a first letter from Almanté in Lithuania!
Letter from Almanté
 Isn't this an awesome stamp?
Lithuanian stamp
I have already finished some replies and will send them out this weekend, I didn't really have time to spend on the envelopes and stuff...

Later, on wednesday, I received this letter from Abbye in the morning...
Letter from Abbye
and went back to my P.O.Box in the evening, "just in case", you know?

And I got two more letters! One is a first letter from Bee in the Czech Republic,

First letter from Bee

Czech Stamp!
and the other one is the first reply to my massive sendout of first letters. Dilshani in Sri Lanka sent me a letter :)
Letter coming all the way from Dilshani, Sri Lanka
So, as you see, I have many letters to reply to this weekend :) As I said, some are already finished (or halfway through).

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Take care and

alles Liebe,


  1. und morgen macht sich eine Postkarte auf den Weg! :)

    1. Juhu! Ich freu mich schon :) Ich hoffe mit dem Umzug läuft alles gut soweit!

  2. Oh - lucky you...I'm still waiting for people to reply - think I will stop by Laura's site.

    1. Yes, waiting for people to reply is awful... you need so much patience and I don't have much of that usually... :D

  3. Lots of nice mails! I hope my mailbox will be as happy as yours next week! :) Have a nice weekend!

    1. Thank you, I hope you'll have a very nice weekend, too! I do wish you a very happy mailbox the next days!

  4. Ahh so much mail *__* I need to post on my blog but there's so many things stopping me from it! Grr! I may have to use the library in town. >,<
    Anyway, looking forward to the reply :D

    1. Oh no, do you have internet problems? I hope it'll work out soon!
      Keep your eyes out for the reply :D

  5. Wow you got nice looking letters, And nice looking stuff in the mail how sweet big time.

  6. Wow you get so many pretty lovely sweet letters and stuff all the time. I am so very happy for you big big big time.

  7. Hehe, I see my letter :) Yes, indeed, the stamp is great and I still don't have it in my collection. By the way, your reply has reached me today :)

    1. Wow that was fast! It only took two days then!
      I asked at the post office to please put a special cancellation (I think it's one with a Saarbrücken theme - probably with the church from here) on your letter yet that I know that you also like stamps :)
      Take care!


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