Sonntag, 27. Mai 2012

Magic Carpets and a Giveaway :)

What are your plans for this long weekend (those of you who'll have a free monday tomorrow)? And do you say something like "Happy Pentecost" or anything like that? Over here in Germany you are wishing each other "Frohe Pfingsten!"

Let's get to the mail of the last days.
First the incoming...
I received my membership card from the LETTER WRITERS ALLIANCE. Are you guys members? 
Letter Writers Alliance

I really did like the stamp they used! Are there more of these? If so and if you are sending me a letter from the USA, I'd really appreciate it if you'd use one of them :) I am very into animals on stamps (even though I rather like the "wild" animals than domestic animals).
Fantastic Stamp

On the same day, I got a letter from A. from the Czech Republic - a very short one, but it was good hearing from her again :)
Letter from A.

Yesterday I got this letter from M. from the Netherlands - great as usual. It has been ages since I received an air mail envelope! I think the last time was when I was 16 - my back-then pen pals from Africa somehow all used them.
Great letter from M.

As I said above, I'm into animal stamps - so I took part in one of the stamp tags at the postcrossing forum and asked for animal stamps. I got this letter from a German user and it was great! I am planning to put some stamps together as a "Wimmelbild" - I don't know that word in English and won't bother to check, yet that I'm almost certain I'll still like the German word better :) A Wimmelbild is a picture where there are lots of things to see and to discover - just like in the Wally-books. What do you do with your stamps apart from putting them into albums? (Mention the word stamp in your answer below to make sure you are taking part in the giveaway - so I know you read all this rambling... :) )
Animal stamps!

On to the outgoing mail :)
I sent this postcard to my dad, to tell him some things that have happened in my life recently.
Postcard to my dad

And this postcard to my godmother, to hear if she's allright.
Postcard to my godmother

These two postcards went out earlier this week, whereas this bunch was mailed yesterday! Two envelopes with stamps for the stamps tag, a letter to my grandma and three pen pal letters....
Bunch that went out yesterday
Among them this letter to Olivia...
Letter to Olivia
and this letter to Shelby...
Letter to Shelby

I printed some stationery, and I really like it :) It has zebras, bikes, airplanes, leopards...

I guess you already saw where the "magic carpets" in the title came from :) I got a catalogue of turkish carpets (they gave it away at university and I grabbed it) and they are the perfect size for envelopes! I love using them, it reminds me of the possibilities one has in "Dreamland" of flying on magic carpets and doing lots of awesome things :) Where would you go if you had the possibility to fly a magic carpet to some place in the universe?

Anyways, I have reached 50 followers! Yay! A giveaway! So, I saw this little book in a store a few days ago and I had to buy it. It has a world map and some stamps and cancellation marks on it! I actually bought two, and I think I'll make a pen pal book out of mine - with the addresses of everybody I write to (one page per person, where I can also put information about them) and maybe also keep the stats of whom I sent a letter when and when I received a letter from whom.
Lovely DIN A 6 notebook.

I don't know about you, but I can't go without these pockets in notebooks - if they don't have one, I'll put one there myself (oh yes, I do have lots of envelopes...). I'll use it to put stamps there so that I'll have addresses and stamps in one place. The notebook even has a pencil-holder! Yay for good mail stuff :)
Pocket filled with used stamps

Well, what I want to do is to send this little notebook (of course with the Madonna stamp...) to one of my readers. It'll be that notebook (filled with stamps, just like in the above picture) plus more stuff until it's 500 grams. The "more stuff" could be anything from stationery to sweets (how about some German chocolate?) and I'll send it out on the fifth of June. So you'll have until the 4th of June to tell me:

*Where are you from? (I'd love to hear from those shy readers)
*What do you like about letter writing?
*Which country is going to win the European Football Championship? (or, if you'd rather like, who will win the Olympics in the discipline of synchronized swimming? :D )

Good luck :) 

Alles Liebe,


  1. nice mail :D

    I am from Germany but I am living in Finland :)
    I am into snail mail for at least 12 years. I love a full mail box. Letters bring a smile to my face, to hear from a friend far away, that cares for you, no matter what :)

    And Deutschland of course! ;)

  2. First of all, congrats for the milestone :)

    I'm an avid collector of stamps too :D Besides keeping them in books, I use them to decorate my scrapbook pages, and once I used a bunch of them to do a makeover of the address book where I keep all the infos about my pen pals :)
    Now its cover is made of beautiful stamps that I've collected during the years!

    I'll take this chance to join the giveaway too! :P

    -I live in south of Italy
    -About letter writing I like that I can learn about other countries' culture through the through the eye, or better, the pen of a friend :)
    - I'm not that into football, so I'd say that China will win the Olympics in the discipline of synchronized swimming!


  3. I don't have enough stamps to do anything with them!! I just put them in a jar...

    I live in the Midwestern region of the United States.

    I just like to write and have someone willing to read it.

    Not sure about football or synchronized swimming!!

  4. I love the carpet envelopes!!! Those are so cool!

    I'm from the USA :)

    I love to meet people, and hear about other countries. Until I can travel, it lets me 'visit' them.

    European Football Championship I have no clue about... XD As for the Olympics, I think the USA will win :D

  5. Cool entry :)
    Anyway, I'd like to try for the giveaway too.

    - I'm from Malaysia.
    - I've been penpalling for almost 12 years. Started first because of my curiosity of what it's like in another countries and the possibility of having foreign stamped letters in my letterbox and foreign friends too. Now, since I'm getting older and had been living in a foreign country (for a while), I write letters mainly for friendship, deeper friendship than what I used to have. And it's really amazing to find mutual friends though they are living far, far away from me.
    - I always like Germany Football team so I vote for Germany. As for synchronised swimming, well, perhaps China.
    Anyway, have a nice day :)

  6. Hi :D Great giveaway ^^ Great "stamps" too :D

    Onto the questions:
    - Pen palling is a great thing to begin with!! :)
    I love to get to know new people, love to talk to them, laugh with them, cry with them. I love to make my pen pals smile by sending them little gifts or using cute stationary ^^ But it also makes me smile to find a letter in my mail box :) I already found awesome lovely friends via pen palling and wouldn't want to miss them!!!
    - Hm, I think China will win synchronised swimming ^^

    Have an awesome week :)
    Many Greetings

  7. I love stamps! I'm a HUGE collector! :D

    I'm Bree from Malaysia. I love writing to people because it gives me the opportunity to get to know about people from all over the world. And I enjoy sharing about my personal life and my hometown to my pals. Receiving mail makes me a happy girl! I also enjoy the anticipation and excitement while waiting for my mail. Also, the process of writing a letter and preparing some goodies to be included in the mail is really fun!

    Who's going to win Euro 2012? I bet Germany will! :)


  8. Hello! I've been lurking your blog from the shadows ;)

    I'm Veronica and live in Spain.
    I love letters, ever since I was a little girl. Love writting them (have my own little ritual) and LOVE reading them. I keep most of my letters on a wooden box and every now and then I'll open and re-read some of my old ones. It's pure joy!
    As for the Euro2012... I would have to say.... SPAIN! haha


  9. The Turkish carpet envelopes are a great idea.

    I'm from Finland. I started writing letters about 6 months ago. I love decorating letters and making envelopes (and sometimes little gifts) and learning about different countries and wonderful people through letters. No opinion about football or synchronized swimming.

    I've used old stamps in decorating the outside of my letter box.

  10. I haven't joined letter writers alliance but I've heard about it recently :).

    I think its fantastic that you keep in touch with your family and loved ones in some form or another. Unfortunately I can't write urdu to write to my family but I don't think they would bother to write back. Its a shame really as we could maybe have been closer then we are.

    I love the turkish magic carpet so cute :)

    1. Oh that's sad that you can't connect to your family in that way! I like sending postcards and letters to my family from time to time, I think they all deserve it :) Have you thought about learning to write Urdu or maybe using a translater?

  11. I decided to join the LWA after seeing you and a few others post about it in the past few weeks. So, I'm eagerly awaiting my membership letter! :D

    (I can't wait to receive your letter, by the way. Between graduation and college registration this Friday, I should have a lot to talk about by the time it reaches me)

    Now on to your questions.

    I'm from Arkansas, the so-called "Natural State", which is located in the southern region of the United States.

    What I love most about letter writing is all the amazing people I get to meet and all the nifty things I learn in the exchange of letters. I like knowing that there are other people out there who get freakishly excited when they find a handwritten letter in their mailbox. I like to imagine that the letters I send have the power to make people grin like an idiot like I do when theirs reach me.

    *And I honestly know next to nothing about sports or the Olympics in general. Since I can't argue statistics or anything, I'll have to say that I don't know. :( /sadface.

  12. I'm from France
    What do I like about letter writing? Everything, from getting the letter in the mail to putting the reply in the post box. Isn't it amazing to have some people far far away from you who you can call your friends just like those you see everyday?
    Who will win Euro 2012? Sweden! Okay, just kidding :D I'd say Germany, or Spain.

  13. Wow you really got really amaizng fun sweet net looking stuff there big time lucky you.

  14. I also decided to join the LWA, but I still have to wait for my membership card ;)

    * I'm from The Netherlands
    * Love the envelopes of penpals in my mail box and hearing what they have been upto since the lats letter, it's more personal than chatting or emailing
    * Who will win Euro 2012? I don't really care since I don't like football at all :(

  15. Stamp!
    OMG! I love that notebook it's adorable! ♥____♥ You know i love maps :DD

    *I'm from the Patagonia Argentina! A beautiful place!
    *I love hearing stories from other people I think it's wonderful meet people from others cultures, you open your mind, you open your heart and you open your hands to gave the letter to the postman in the postoffice! haha
    *I don't know who is gonna win the UEFA but I think UK have a good team, right? And in the olympics I wish win Argentina of course :D but i don't believe that we have a god level in swimm :/ In basketball we can win! :D

  16. I really love that notebook!
    Let's see...
    I'm from California. And I love writing letters, because I think it's an amazing way to make friends. My penpals are some of my closest friend, truly wonderful people who I know I can trust.
    And I honestly have no idea who will win either sport!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. Well, Hello!
    I was born and have lived my entire life in Russia. I come from the Urals but now am living in Siberia.
    Letter writing helps me to keep things organised, to learn the English Language and to share things with people all over the world. I find it rather fascinating and enthralling to get letters and goodies from different places on our globe.
    I am a massive fan of both, European Football Championship and Olympics, hopefully, Spain won't win this year in football,perhaps, Germany.. In the Olympic Games, China might win once again or The USA as they do pretty good in Olympics.
    Russia took the third place in both championships in 2008.
    Thank you very much for the nice giveaway! You've got an awesome blog! x

  18. Good afternoon! ;)

    I'm from Germany as well.
    What I like about snail mailing? Learning about other countries, cultures and opinions and the excitement of opening the mail box to see if there's some nice mail from another country!
    I think Germany or Spain could win. :)

  19. Hi Caddie! what a lovely notebook!
    **I live not very far from Rocío, in Neuquén, Argentina :)
    **I love all snail mail, and the diversity of styles in which people make an envelope, a letter, a postcard.
    **European football? Germany, for sure!
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  20. Que chula las cartas que has recibido y una de las postales me encatan ^^

    Yo quierooo tu regalitooo =)

    Te contesto a las preguntas!!!

    -SOy de Barcelona (España)
    -Me encanta escribirme con gente desde hace muchos años que lo hago y espero no dejarlo de hacer nunca.
    -Yo de fútbol no entiendo mucho pero si gana España estare contenta ^^

    Besitos y me encantaria tener esa libretita con los sellos!!


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