Donnerstag, 1. November 2012

Stats of the Month - October

October was a month of catching up for me - so while I wrote and sent letters to almost all of my penpals, I received only very few letters.

Let's have a look at the numbers:

I sent 3 postcards and 30 letters, so a total number of 33 mailings that left my hands to travel all over the world. The countries I sent to include among others Turkey, the Philippines, Mexico, Germany, Sri Lanca, Kenya, UK, Uganda and the obvious USA. I spent 26,50 € on postage, so an average 0,80 € per mailing.

Like I already said, I received only a few letters the last month - I received 5 postcards (except for the one from Penny they were all from family members - if you count my goddaughter as a family member :)) and 6 letters (if you count the two giveaways I won as letters). Only three of these letters were penpal letters.

Here's a picture of the incoming mail last month, I appreciated everything that came in (I especially like the postcard my mother sent me), but I have to say - I miss having a full mailbox :( Well, probably it will be flooded soon enough, right?

How was your month mailwise?

Alles Liebe,


  1. Antworten
    1. Haha ;) Yours arrived yesterday! I'll send you a reply in the next week :)

  2. You've been busy Caddi! Wasn't there any to Argentina? ;D

    1. I have been very busy indeed! And I also sent mail to Argentina :) I hope your mailbox is healthy these days!

  3. Wow, lots of outgoing letters!! My mailbox has been so happy this week as if Christmas and birthday came together! I haven't had a time to write a posting about it, but I should soon. :)

    By the way, I just put a posting about my give-away project, and you're one of the winners. :) Please come to my blog to see what to do next to receive a package for me! Thanks! I already started packing your package! :D

    1. I'm so happy for you that your mailbox was so busy this week! And you totally reminded me of my boyfriend with that Christmas and birthday saying - he always says that to tease me :)

      I will write a letter to my grandmother very soon!

  4. Hi there! I saw your comment on Julie's Penpal of the Week blog and peeked over here at yours. :) I don't keep track of how much incoming mail I receive (though I do savor it :D), but I mailed 22 envelopes (mostly letters, a couple of cards) and 3 packages. Additionally, I mailed three off for my 6 yo daughter. :) Happy mailings to you!

    1. Hello :) I'm glad to see you!
      Wow, you did mail lots of mail last month! I keep track of all the mail that passes my hands with a small notebook where I just note down the date and from whom I got mail and to whom I sent mail. There are others who remember it more detailed (they note down about what they wrote, which stationery they used etc) but I wouldn't keep up with that so I don't start trying.
      I'm also very happy that you are showing your daughter to love mail!


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