Montag, 29. Oktober 2012

Amazing mail from Katri / Kanada!

 I got something amazing today!

I know I tend to find all of my incoming mail amazing, but seriously - if you found something like the above in your mailbox, wouldn't you be over the moon as well?
 Inside this oh so pretty decorated envelope (Oh my, Washi tape is so great - but did you see that stamp seal there on the back of the envelope? Yep, that's a seal made of a stamp!) I found another envelope with my name on it...
 which contained a small letter for me. But there were other envelopes as well. The following picture is a very bad one, but the light really isn't that good over here today. You can see two paper envelopes and two transparent envelopes, which I look forward to send :)
 There was another smaller envelope as well from Hello Kitty, but I didn't get a nonblurry picture from that one and the (green) tea as well - but those were also included :)

Then comes the stickers and labels and stars and dots and arrows awesomeness - I'm so looking forward to pepping up my mail with these!

Are you ready for more awesomeness? Look at this! I exclaimed my love for animal stamps often enough and I love stickers as well - and now I received animal stamps turned into stickers! Isn't this amazing? They are so beautiful!
 And I also got some some stickers made from an old book!
You surely can tell that I'm very excited for all of this :) If you want to receive something similar as amazing from Katri, I propose hopping over to her Etsy store where you can find upcylced stationery (from vintage maps! Bonus points!), postage stamp stickers (as well as address labels like the one she used on my letter) and cute notebooks among others. Oh, if I would have the money...

Alles Liebe,

PS: Two more days to sign up for the advent calendar swap and the giveaway!


  1. Stamp stickers are so cute! I will check out her Etsy store. Thanks for sharing! :D

    1. I love the stamp stickers! Do tell if you end up buying from her :)

  2. Antworten
    1. :O) i am into snail mail and i've some blogs and one it's about penpalling too...if u want 2 see or comment there, u are welcome.


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