Mittwoch, 7. November 2012

The giveaway winner...

... will be posted soon! Sorry for the delay, but I have loads to do!

In good news, I already finished packing all the goodies for my advent calendar and I will send it off this weekend! How far are you guys? Remeber that you should send it in a week or so...

I know for sure that Lou already sent her calendar - when I saw that photo I wanted to know so badly what was inside! Advent calendars are a good way to teach your kids (or yourself... ahem) patience by the way!

More good news: I'm back to receiving mail! (Bad news: It already started piling up again....) In the past week I got letters from two pals from Germany (I already replied to one of them), from Jennifer in the UK, Bee from the Czech Republic, Korina from Guam / USA, my mother (Such a lovely surprised! I haven't received a letter from her in a few years I believe - I do get postcards and Care-packages a few times a year though!), Laura from the USA and Sigrid from the Philippines. I will post photos tomorrow for two reasons which somehow are connected to the same reasen:
a) It's already 10.30 pm and I'm deadly tired and don't want to wait for blogger to upload the pictures.
b) It's already 10.30 pm so I wouldn't be able to take good pictures anyway.

How is life treating you these days?

Alles Liebe,


  1. I love that you got a letter from your Mother!! ♥

    1. Me too :) I immediately felt like being a kid again and spending the holidays somewhere else and being given a letter from my mother at dinner - that was the highlight of the day for sure!


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