Sonntag, 18. November 2012

4 things sunday # 5

This is a little challenge I'm doing each week. Every Sunday I decide on 4 simple little goals I'd like to achieve in the coming week. I'm not talking about graduating university or buying a house. These are little challenges, challenges I really can accomplish and which will help me to make my life just a tad more organized. Do you want to take part as well?

Here are my 4 things for this week:

* Write two applications for an internship next year.
* Buy 3 christmas gifts.
* Write four letters.
* Clean my desk - at least a little bit!

Do you notice something? Yes, those are the exact same things like last week - because I really failed at most of them. I still didn't write the applications - but I spoke to someone who might just get me an internship without having to write an application. I bought one christmas gift for my boyfriend, but that's about it - but I developed some more ideas. I wrote some letters (I finished two and am in the process of writing a third one), but I didn't get them ready to send yet - they still need their envelopes and everything. And lastly, while I did clean my desk a little bit, it's already a mess again (I've seen some of you guys posting photos of your "messy desk" - that's nothing! I'd be happy if my desk looked like that after it's cleaned. But hey, I can see some wood of the desk through all the stuff which is piled on it, so it's not that bad, right?). I'm frustrating chaotic.

What are your goals for next week? And did you do better than I did last week? Leave a comment or write a post on your own blog and leave a link, I'd love to know!

Alles Liebe,


  1. Good plan!;)
    I need to clean my desk too and to buy some gifts too :D

    Also I need to lose some weight and to arrange a swap.

    Wish you a great week!

    1. Thanks!

      I hope you'll have success with your goals =)

      All the best for you!

  2. Its one of the reasons I wouldn't do such a list as I know I'd struggle to complete it even with 4 things only. Thankfully at the moment my desk is clean and thats with having crafted today and writing a letter but there are times when I just put things down on it and by the end of the week I want to sweep everything into the bin but of course don't.


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