Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2012

4 things sunday # 2

I'm taking part in Sallys 4 things challenge. Every Sunday I decide on 4 simple little goals I'd like to achieve in the coming week. I'm not talking about graduating university or buying a house. These are little challenges, challenges I really can accomplish and which will help me to make my life just a tad more organized.

Here are my 4 things for this week:

* Write a postcard to both my mum and dad.
* Plan at least one afternoon for my children's group.
* Prepare 5 days of the advent calendar I'm doing for the swap.
* Reorganize the kitchen shelves.

How did I do last week?

* Write four letters.  Check! I wrote even more, and I'm almost done with answering all the mail that has piled up during summer. I'm ready for more mail! :)
* Eat ten healthy things.   Check! Again, I ate even more healthy things than I thought I would :) By the way, "healthy things" for me means mostly apples and carrots :) Bonus points here, because I even got my boyfriend to eat some healthy things :)
* Work out twice.   Well.... I did work out once, I wanted to do so again this weekend but it was just way to cold. When it's cold I rather snuggle up in a blanket instead of working out. (On the other hand though, I don't really enjoy working out in summer either - do you notice something here? :) )
* Buy a new book.  I failed on this one. I bought lots of stationery supplies and small goodies, but I didn't decide on a book.

What are your goals for next week?

Alles Liebe,


  1. Oh, I don't like working out either, but yet I do it 4 times a week! It feels better when you see the pay-offs... so, keep trying!

    Good luck with your goals and have a great week!

    1. Thank you! Yeah, you're probably right and that's what I'm telling myself as well - I think I need to be more consistent when it comes to the being physically active goal :)


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