Mittwoch, 10. Oktober 2012

Letters to Guam, Uganda, Turkey and Finland

How far do you guys live from your university / workplace?
I personally have to leave my apartment at 7.20 am (7.15 if I don't want to be in a hurry) to go to the first class, which starts at nine. I am quite sure actually that many of my penpals know that, because I usually write most of my letters during the train ride on my way to or back from university. Well, today I got up early to get to my first class... only to find out that it was cancelled. Duh! What a stupid waste of time. Of course the class after that was cancelled as well so I just went back home and did go aaaaall the way for nothing. What was the last situation you got mad because you did something for nothing?

Anyway, I still had the train ride to finish a letter - so now I have four letters which will go out tomorrow!

The four letters going out tomorrow - again, three of the envelopes are part of the awesome envelope-palooza I won over at Laura's blog.

This is the letter I got from Heidi in Finland and my reply to her. Isn't her writing paper just super cute? We are talking about differences between Finland and Germany, stereotypes, blog layouts and habits we used to have as a child.

Korina sent me a letter (in her amazing handwriting I drool about) accompanied by a few postcards from her travels of this summer. So, of course travels are topics in our letters, as well as school systems and stupid tests, learning languages and our homes.

She used lovely letter paper!

This is a first letter I got from Turkey and my reply to it, so we're still getting to know each other, talking about our families, hobbies, hometowns...

This is the last letter I finished today, it'll be on its way to Uganda tomorrow. We are chatting about chickens, local languages, boyfriends, my trip to the USA... just a bunch of stuff :)

I hope you are all having a good week so far and that you didn't waste a lot of time today like I did...

Alles Liebe,


  1. Great mail! And I'm so glad to see that you got your envelope-palooza stuff! YAY! I'm doubly glad that you're able to put it to such great use. :)

    1. I love them! Actually I have a hard time using them because I don't want to give them away... harhar... they're MINE!!! But I was told that caring is sharing so... Where did you get the paper you used for the envelopes?
      Actually I also already used the stationery you sent me for three letters (to F., Laura and Y. in the last mail post), but one of them (the blue one) has this really strange format for the envelopes (they are very narrow/slim/I hope you know what I mean) so I usually put them in an extra-envelope to send them (German post says they won't send anything smaller than 9 cm x 14 cm). Oh, these asians...
      Thanks a lot again!!

  2. Everything look's so really good great cool looking.

  3. Those candies look yummy :D Yay, mail for me! Sadly I'll be in another city for the whole next week so I will get your letter after I come back on 21st. Hopefully there will be lots of other mail waiting for me as well! :D

    1. I hope you'll have a bunch of letters waiting for you! Haha, the candies are really yummy! I already ate them all sadly.... :(

  4. Hola caddy! solo queria saber si recibiste mi respuesta que te envie hace algunos meses :) espero que estes bien!! besos.!

    1. Hola Ely,
      si, lo recibi y te voy a responder dentro de dos semanas mas o menos!

    2. bien! ^^ solo queria estar segura de que estaba contigo, besos!


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