Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2012

Outgoings still outnumber the incomings

I am still not really receiving much mail, but I'm okay with that - I'm still working on my last outgoings, also I know for sure that a letter is coming my way from Jennifer :)

I received an envelope from Shannon with the postcards I won over at her blog. Thank you so much!

I wrote three letters yesterday and the day before yesterday, so I am close to fulfilling my sunday goal this week - only one more letter to go!

The first letter is going to Sabrina here in Germany. As you can see I am already using the labels you can win over in my giveaway (well, of course not the ones you will be winning...) and I really like them.

The next letter is for Ely in Mexico. I just realized that the paper I used for the envelope looks a lot like christmas... well, I like christmas so that's alright. I'm so looking forward to the christmas calendar swap!

Last but not least, a letter for Shelby! Can you see that sticker on the envelope I got from her? Apparently her letter got into customs - in the harbour in Hamburg! I wonder why they didn't send it via airmail - but oh well. That also explains why the envelope took at least two weeks to arrive :)

 How are you guys doing? I hope everything is okay with all of you!

Alles Liebe and take care!



  1. Hi Caddi! just passing by to say hi!!

  2. I just received your letter today! I promise I'll write back as soon as possible (:

    1. I'm glad to hear that! And I'm already looking forward to your letter!

  3. Every thing look's so good great looking. Good for you for winning her post card.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I was happy as well to win them :)


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