Freitag, 20. April 2012

Of King Mensah and tape.

I'm back with more mail! 

First, I received two letters yesterday - one is from a new pen pal in Togo. That letter took more than two weeks to reach me! What do you guys know about Togo? (Without cheating, don't use Wikipedia for your answer...) I'm just wondering as I was surprised by some things. 

Letter coming all the way from Togo
Stamp from Togo.
The guy on that stamp is "King Mensah", one of the most popular musical acts from Togo. Wikipedia says about him: "Though based in Lomé, he regularly records and promotes his albums in Paris, and has embarked on several world tours since 2005. Singing in Mina, Ewe, and French, King Mensah's sound fuses elements of traditional Ewe music (Agbadza and Akpessé), and Kabye dance-drum music, with funk, reggae and West African Afropop. King Mensah's lyrical themes are steeped in religion and hopeful encouragement for the orphaned, oppressed and downtrodden."

The other letter I received didn't travel two weeks, but two days! Letters from Jennifer in the UK always arrive so fast, it's amazing. 
Letter from Jennifer

I also managed to get some mail ready yesterday, which I will be dropping in the mailbox in two hours. The letter in the middle is the reply to Jennifer, I used the same paper as yesterday for the envelope. I bought some tape yesterday which is all hearts and stuff like that, I hope you don't mind me using them - I was so exited to finally being able to buy some tape like that that I didn't realize the motive until at home.  Apart from the letter for Jennifer, there also is a reply to the postcard I got from I., a postcard for my goddaughter, a happy-birthday-postcard and a long due thank-you-postcard. 
Outgoing of today

Lovethemed tape - well. I can't write thousands of letters to my boyfriend, so you guys will also get some love :)

A thank-you-postcard that should have been written earlier already...
I like to use stamps which remind me of spring these days, because I want it to be sunny and warm all the time. Sadly it's not. But at least on my stamps there are flowers and bees and lighthouses on sunny days. :)
What are your plans for the weekend? Do you have nice weather?

Alles Liebe,


  1. Great, I'm looking forward to it :D

  2. I don't know anything about Togo but know where it is at least :). Its always hard to find people to write in countries or places you'd love to learn about.

    1. Yes, indeed. I find letternet very helpful there. I don't think you'd be lucky with it though, because one partner has to be in Germany, so it would only be Germans you could write to. In my letternet contact list I have persons from Sri Lanka, Togo, Benin, Czech Republic, Hungary and Germany - but I have only received letters from the ones in Germany, Czech Republic and Togo so far. But well. They asked for my address so I believe they should send first.
      Take care!

  3. Ich mag Letternet nicht wirklich. Es gibt halt nur Briefe aus Deutschland fuer mich. Das ist jetzt nichts Schlechtes an sich, aber soweit war nichts dabei, worauf ich wirklich haette antworten wollen :(

    Ich weiss fast nichts ueber Togo. Ich wusste die Hauptstadt Lomé und dass man dort franzoesisch spricht, das war es aber schon. und ich meine, die Manschaft von Togo hat bei der Fussball WM in Köln gespielt... ich dachte aus irgendeinem blöden Grund immer, das Togo eine Insel wäre, ich denke wohl an was anderes xD

    1. Hey!
      Ja, das ist der Nachteil für Leute die nicht in Deutschland wohnen... Naja, aber vielleicht könntest Du ja die Adresse Deiner Mutter angeben oder so und dann hinterher den Leuten Deine finnische Adresse schicken...?
      Nee, ne Insel ist Togo nicht :D Aber das mit Lomé wusste ich auch nicht aktiv sozusagen. Ach ja... das ganze Passivwissen was man hat, hätte man das mal aktiv und die Klausuren wären kein Problem mehr. Mir fällt aber auch keine Insel ein die ähnlich klingt ;-)

  4. Hi Caddi! What do I know about Togo... hmm... that it's in Africa? :) That's another aspect of penpalling isn't it? Learning just how many countries and stories there are out there! Such a great stamp!

    1. Hi Laura :)
      Yes! I think that's one of the most interesting points about penpalling - learning things about other countries, cultures and about how people from that culture think.
      I first thought that the stamp was about an actual king - and wondered, because I thought that there weren't any countries in Africa where an actual king was head of state. But well, obviously it's a musician.
      Take care!


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