Dienstag, 3. April 2012

Just a little reminder...

Later on I will do a post with lots and lots of great mail I received the past week (why is it that whenever I am away I get a lot of mail and when I am home and not on holidays it seems like I don't get anything?), but yet that I am still in University and most of the mail is at home, I just wanted to remind you to take part in this project from Burst of Bubbles. I know that really many of you read her blog (or maybe also this one) and enjoy the presents she sends out to make our day, so please take the time, write an indroduction letter and send it to her :) If you want one potential pen pal more, that is.

Even though the 31st of March is already over, I can imagine that you still can hop in without problems...

It's very easy:
You write an introduction letter on your computer, maybe one page long (remember to include your postal address) and send it to her e-mail which you can find on her blog on the right (under the header "contact me"). She then will print and decorate it and will offer it on her blog for someone to receive it. And then a potential new pen pal will receive your letter in his (or her) mailbox and will send you a letter (or maybe a postcard) back.

Well, that's all for now, I hope you'll all send her something!

Take care,

PS: I saw that some of my postcards (both Turkey and France) have started to arrive - phew!

PPS: I had a great week in the snow!


  1. Thank you Caddi, I'm actually giving until this weekend for people to e-mail letters which is a little later then I intended but I had to reboot my whole laptop and until it catches up with the latest software I can't download most things until then including my printer. Hopefully by the weekend that will be sorted and I can get on my way with this letter swap :).

    I will hopefully be posting your make my day items today but I agree with you all my letters seem to come when I'm at my busiest (back at work) then when I'm on holiday like now.

  2. I'm wondering if you recieved my letter yet, I know I sound very impatient but I've been having a lot of problems with my homemade envies and the stamps falling off so I hope it got to you in one peice. Now I am going to check the links you mentioned :D Have a good day.


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