Donnerstag, 26. April 2012

Mail update!

Hello dear fellow snail mail lovers!
So, how did you like the video? I thought it to be great :)
Well, here's the latest mail! 
This is a letter I got on tuesday from my only German pen pal, L. It was nice hearing from her again!
Letter from L.
I like the stamps which are dedicated to something - like this one, which says "Für uns Kinder". It's a stamp series which exists since 1993, you can see all the stamps so far on Wikipedia. What do you think about them? BTW, they are always for one letter, so you can see that since 1993, the price for sending one letter has increased 4 cents. Not that much.
German Stamp

I finished the letter for F. in Italy, but didn't think of taking a photo before sealing the envelope. I used some of the stickers I got from fellow snail mail lovers :)
Letter to F.
 And here's another German stamp.
The Bavarian Forest, south-eastern Germany

Yesterday I had some incoming mail! Yay!
First, there was this card I got from Laura. I immediatly wanted to have some... tea you think? No, not quite right. Hot milk with honey. :) hehe. That's the drink which puts me to sleep :)
Letter from Laura

And I also got mail from the Netherlands! M. sent me a lovely letter and some postcards.
Letter from M.
 Look at the details! Isn't it pretty?
Letter from M.

Has spring arrived to where you live? 

Take care!
Alles Liebe,


  1. Coolie :) I hope mine will arrive soon :D It seems like none of my letters have arrived at my pen pals homes yet D:

  2. I like the "für uns Kinder" stamp :) I got one too from my German penpal :)

    1. Yes, I like them, too :) They all are so positive and fun!

  3. Antworten
    1. Nur leider ist Dein Brief immer noch nicht angekommen :(

  4. I love the cup notecard! Such a good mail day you had!


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