Dienstag, 17. April 2012

Of Chocolate and Argentina among other things...

Finally a post on all the incoming mail of the last days! This post is not chronological, it's just the order I have the pictures on my camera... 

Postcard from Sabrina
 First, a postcard from Sabrina in Finland! I would love to go to Finland one day, it all seems so peaceful and quiet.... and I would love to see northern lights! Did anyone of you ever see northern lights?

postcrossing card from Russia
 Next in the row is this postcrossing card I got from Russia. Sadly I don't understand any of it becauses it is all written in russian... oh well.

Postcard from the Netherlands
 I got this postcard from a guy in the Netherlands, I sent him a postcard on postcrossing a few weeks ago and he decided to write back :) 

Letter from M.
 Also from the Netherlands, this lovely letter from M. She also sent a photo and some used stamps for my collection in that lovely little envelope you can see there!

Chocolate letter
 Yum.... I got chocolate! Well, not really chocolate, but a letter wrapped in chocolate paper :) A good idea, don't you think? This letter was sent from Olivia.

postcard from Laura
 I also got a postcard from Laura, a very nice one as I thought :)

Letter from Rocio
 Then there was a letter from Rocio in Argentina!

Argentinian stamps
 Look at the lovely stamps!

Postcard showing the nightfall in the Calchaqui Valley, Salta, North-Argentina
 Interesting enough, I got a postcard from Argentina on the exact same day, too! This one is from my dear cousin who spent some days in the north of Argentina. Isn't it beautiful? I so long to go to South America again....

Argentinian stamp
 Once again a very nice stamp. Those two pieces of mail even got stamped on the same day! But they are from totally different corners of Argentina, so I am impressed they both made it here on the same day!

Make my day
 Last, but not least, this little package from Bubbles.

And the contents! Three sheets of outline-stickers, a lovely little note and an extra, as it was easter! Chocolate! So nice! Thank you!

I hope you are all doing well. I finally handed in the paper I had to write yesterday, I am really glad that it's (almost) over now... I still have to prepare everything today to present it tomorrow, but at least I don't have to write anything anymore.

Alles Liebe,


  1. yay, die Karte is angekommen :) Aber kein Brief?! :(

    1. Nee, Brief ist nicht da :( Auch heute nicht! Kommt aber bestimmt noch :)

  2. Lovely mail you've got. Beautiful cards, 1 from Friesland (one of the Dutch provinces), Fryslan is Friesland in Dutch. Love the Tinkerbell paper. :)

    1. Thanks for commenting :) I like all the mail, too! Tinkerbell is actually a sticker :)

  3. It makes me want to take on more friends in order to receive lots of envelopes to enjoy but of course I have to be sensible and take on only whats managable.

    I'm glad you liked your make my day items.

    1. I really did like the items you sent me :) Thank you so much!

      I hope you are doing well!

  4. Lots of lovely mails. :) I've been to Finland but not in winter, and your postcard of Finland in winter made me want to visit there in winter time. :D

    1. Thanks :)
      Lucky you having been to Finland! I have been to Sweden / Stockholm three years ago, in February - it was really cold :) I would also like to go to Japan one day...

  5. Hola Caddi!! Me da mucha alegria que haya llegado mi carta!! Y que casualidad que tu prima envió la suya el mismo dia!!! es una gran coincidencia!


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