Freitag, 6. April 2012

Lots and lots of pretty mail

Hello... I had written this a few days ago, but I had absolutely no time to add the pictures and post it. Here it is, finally.

Hello guys,
so, as I promised earlier today, here's my incoming mail from the last week. I was surprised at how much I got!
I came home from skiing on saturday night so I did go to check my P.O.Box in the early morning on sunday. I found so much!

The first thing to see was this package I got from Laura!
She surprised me with a lovely letter, some nice stickers, and above all, a really cute letterset! Isn't she an adorable girl?

Package from Laura

A lovely letter set!

I also got a letter from Jennifer, who now already went to Germany. I will be sending her reply to the UK, but since she's not home anyways for 10 days or so, I don't have to stress me with replying haha.
Letter from Jen

Next on the stack was a nice letter from F., my spanish-speaking pen pal from Italy. She used some Diddl-paper. Do you guys like Diddl-paper? Because I still have LOTS of different sheets. I used to collect them when I was in primary school and we would swap in class. I think I have like maybe 100 to 200 different ones. I never counted ;-)

Letter from F.
I also got a postcard from L. 
Postcard from L.
I got two postcrossing cards, too, one from China and one from Taiwan.

Don't they just have lovely stamps?

Another thing which didn't arrive to my P.O.Box, but to our mailbox were the postcards I sent my boyfriend from Turkey. FINALLY! They told me at the post office that they'd be here in a week... well, let's call it a month :)

That was all the mail I got on sunday. But monday also was a very good mail day! I had asked a friend of mine to check my P.O.Box on thursday and he did and gave me all the fun mail that I had gotten until then in class. The other students who were sitting around me were all "ooooh" and "aaaah" and "look at that!". Hehe.

I got this letter from Stephanie in the US.

Letter from Stephanie
 It was filled with lots of great goodies! A long chatty letter, some magazine-articles and my first FB! Thank you so much Steph, a reply is on it's way to you!

How old is this stamp? I love it!
 I also got another letter from Laura. It's amusing, because our letters always seem to cross in the air.

I got another postcrossing card, this time from Russia. I always waited to receive a postcard like that from Russia, and finally, here it is!

I also got mail from people I didn't know before, but who found my address on the Good Mail Day - Blog.

This AMAZING postcard from Brittany. I wish I'd be that talented!

 I also got a letter from Mandy, who seems to be very creative, too!

So, that was the mail I got while being away for a week. Quite a lot, don't you think?

I hope you are all having a great week! What are your plans for the easter-holidays?

Take care and

alles Liebe,

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