Montag, 21. Januar 2013

Monday's mail

The new week just started! What are you up to this week? I will mostly have to focus on university and studying :( I hope you are having more interesting things to look forward to :)

Let me show you the outgoing mail of these days!I tried to be a bit more creative with my envelopes and used my new sewing machine which I got for my birthday :) The first envelope was... well, not so pretty in my opinion. Somehow the colours don't match and it's not really bright. I sent it anyway, I won't waste paper that way :)

A letter to one of my German penpals. That's the envelope I didn't like, but I told her that it was the first try and I hope she won't mind :)

A letter going out to Laura. I liked this envelope way better - but who doesn't like craft paper, right?

Letters going out to Jennifer in the UK and Caroline in Germany. (More sewing done here :) )

A postcard (which she'll love) going out to my mother.

A letter going out to Togo and a postcard of a snowy beach going out to Australia.

New stamps! Whenever I go to the post office I end up spending maybe 30 € there... But I really liked the castle stamps!

Lastly, this is a letter waiting to go out to Stephanie... As soon as I'm sure the address is still correct :)

Did you ever try to sew something on your envelopes? How did it turn out?

Alles Liebe,


  1. I think you did succeed, even in the first attempt. I'm planning to buy myself a sewing machine to do something like that (and more ideas which wander in my mind!), I must wait a little (just to have the room ready).
    So I like to see your works, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks! I'd also be interesting in seeing your works once you get your sewing machine :)
      I didn't really know how to start and am still not sure about what to do and how to do it yet, so if you find any good sources of inspiration let me know!

  2. Oh, and I really love the snowy beach with the lighthouse. It's so beautiful1

    1. I do like it as well! It's such an unusual sight I think, yet that most lighthouse-pictures show them on a sunny day of summer, but of course many lighthouses also experience snow!

  3. I love the mail art you made, also can't wait to receive your letter! :)

  4. I love your envelopes, specially the first one :) I understand when you spend 30€ or so when you go to the post office, I feel your pain, dear XD But meh we both know it's worth it, right? :D

    have a lovely weekend!

  5. The envelopes look fantastic Caddi! My address is still the same, 317 Alder blah blah haha.


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