Sonntag, 20. Januar 2013

4 things sunday # 11

This is a little challenge I'm doing each week. Every Sunday I decide on 4 simple little goals I'd like to achieve in the coming week. I'm not talking about graduating university or buying a house. These are little challenges, challenges I really can accomplish and which will help me to make my life just a tad more organized. Do you want to take part as well?

Here are my 4 things for this week:

* Eat salad at least twice.
* Write and send at least four more letters.
* Organize my desk.
* Sew a bit.

How did I do with the last 4 things?

* Book our flights for our holiday in March. *Check!*
* Get the mail I received while being away from the friend who picked it up for me. *Check!* He had 12 letters for me - yay!
* Send out at least four letters. *Check!* I sent 7 letters last week ( 3 x Germany, Italy, Sri Lanka, USA and the UK) and I have 3 more ready to be sent right now (Germany, Togo, USA) - Steph, if you're reading this: Is your address still the same this semester?
* Continue working on the atomic law paper. *Check!* Guess what I'm doing right now?

What are your goals for next week? Leave a comment or write a post on your own blog and leave a link, I'd love to know!
Alles Liebe,


  1. I am hoping to finish up my pen pals Lucy's epic letter (they usually wind up 15+ pages long) and also at least get a few more done. I can write letters at work so that can help. Non pen paling related things are: NOT mess up the house now that it's clean and also do not go shopping anymore this week unless it's for necessities. :)

    1. Good luck with the letters!
      Haha I can totally refer to your last two points as well - difficult topics! :)


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