Samstag, 1. Dezember 2012

Stats of the Month - November

Hello there!

Just in time on December 1st, here are my Stats of the Month!

In the past month I received (if I counted correctly...) 13 letters, 2 postcards and one small package, so a total of 16 snail mail items. Not too much, but given that probably some of my letters from last month took quite some time to arrive to Kenya or Uganda.... It's also quite good because that way I'm not that much behind with sending letters. Right now I only have two letters waiting for a response, and I just got them on thursday, so no need to hurry yet :) Yesterday we got notice that a package is waiting for us and I'll pick it up on Monday, there might be another Advent Calendar for my boyfriend and me - his mother usually sends them out to all her kids (and their partners). Lucky us.

I sent 14 letters, 4 postcards and 4 small packages, so a total of 22 snail mail items. The average amount of money spent on postage was a bit higher than normal - I spent 26,10 € on postage to send all these out. Of the sent items ten mailings were sent within Germany, quite a lot actually! I suddenly have three German penpals, one of whom writes quite frequently and am also communicating with my mother over mail more than before, so it all adds up.

How was your month? Do you plan on sending Christmas cards this December?

Alles Liebe,


  1. Awesome...........that you keep count.
    What did you get in your first advent gift?

    1. I got some apple tea :) And a bookmark today. Did yours arrive?

  2. no it didnt arrive.. and i dont even know if my partner received hers. it was supposed to be there by the 29th NOV


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