Freitag, 4. Juli 2014

Postcards from around the World # 8 - The Netherlands

I got this card back in March from my little brother (who lives in the Netherlands) and my father (who went to visit him). They took a daytrip to Amsterdam and thought of me and my love for postcards - I'm a lucky girl :)

I love how you can see bikes on the postcard...

as well as on the stamp :)

The Netherlands sure are a bicylce-country! Quick story about that - in May my brother parked his bike somewhere where he wasn't supposed to park it - and they towed his bike! Just like other countries would tow your car. He had to pay a fee to be allowed to collect his bike :) Have you ever had your bike (or car) towed?

Alles Liebe,


  1. Oh, I love that card! :))

    I've read that towing a bike is usual in the Netherlands (I've been to Amsterdam, and I must say that I don't think it's any wonder! There are so MANY bikes there!!), but I don't think I know anyone in Finland who would have experienced that here.

    1. No, I haven't heard of a situation like that in Germany either. But I didn't know that about the Netherlands, so I was very suprised that that actually works - what if you locked your bike to something, do they destroy your lock?
      I haven't been to Amsterdam (or the Netherlands in general), but I want to go sometime in the next few years - I hope I'll manage :)


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