Mittwoch, 23. Juli 2014

Catching up - Outgoing mail part 1

Before getting back on track with the regular mail updates, I guess I'll have to play catch-up a little... so expect a few posts about mail of the past few months. I'll make the cut at three months back, so I'll start with these letters I sent in late April.

 A letter to Din in the Philippines, who had sent me a lovely first letter.

 A letter to Fede in the UK, one of my longest long-term-pals currently :)

 A letter to Emma in Australia, who sent me a very nice mix-CD via sendsomething.

Okay, this one is not really a letter - it's the German version of the wreck this journal which I sent to Mira, as I completed a task and now it's her turn to complete a task and send it back to me :) (Anyone else doing this journal? Do you do it with a partner as a mail project by any chance?)

 A letter to Jennifer in the UK - always such a joy to hear back from her!

And lastly, a letter to Shelby Anne in the USA - I always worry when sending red envelopes about them coming back because they would actually require extra postage - shhh, don't tell!

Alles Liebe!


  1. Red envelopes would cost extra?! Why's that? I have never heard about such a thing! :O
    *starting to worry about her own red envies on their way*

    1. Oh, I didn't mean to worry you! They don't enforce that rule regularly in Germany, just sometimes if you are unlucky - I just never hand the red envelopes in to the postal workers but always put them in the mailbox so that I don't have a problem :)

      I don't know if they have the same rule in Finland though - in Germany it's because the orange bar code which they print at the bottom of the letter is not machine-readable if the letter is a dark colour - so red, a dark orange, some blues, black etc. - and they have to sort it by hand. So they say that it's more work for them and therefore it's more expensive. Like I said, they rarely enforce it, but it's among the same rules like the ones where they say that one side of a letter / postcard has to be at least 1,4 x the length of the other side or the minimum sizes - and I've had letters given back to me due to 0,5 cms of not meeting these restrictions :(


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