Samstag, 26. Juli 2014

Mail via the Postal Society

Today I received not one, but two pieces of mail from members of the Postal Society - a neat penpal club I joined (again!). Are you part of any penpal clubs?

The first piece of mail was this pretty piece sent by Julia from Poland.

I was her partner in the July swap with the topic of a summer themed mail art envelope, she told me that mandalas really remind her of holidays - and actually, when I read that, I remembered that back when I was a kid and we went to Italy with another family, their daugther and I would spend hours listening to audiobooks (TKKG to be exact) and drawing mandalas. How did you spend your summer holidays as a child?

I really like the stamps Julia used as well!

 Next was this pretty polkadot envelope from Arielle in the Philippines. Doesn't it look lovely?

She sent me a short note, two cute envelopes for me to use and a teacupcard by papemelroti, a stationery shop from the Philippines I adore.

Once again, I love the stamp - but I always love the stamps from the Philippines, so it's not too hard to please me when it comes to that :)

Have you gotten nice mail lately?

Alles Liebe,

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  1. I am a member on Postal Society too! I am TinnePost there.
    As a child I usually spent my summers close to home. A youth centre here organised all kinds of activities, from paper crafting, to candle making, to cookie baking. Sometimes they also went to the sea or to a themepark abroad. I loved it!


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