Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2013

Stats of the Months - March, April and May 2013

So I finally got around to make another stats - post - with being away over the end of the months it wasn't easy.

The last months mail was reeeeaaaally slow! Seriously. Looking back to May of last year, I got and sent three times as much mail in comparison. Well, but at least that means I'm able to catch up, right? But still - it feels a bit strange to not have a stash of letters to reply to.

So let's see the different months...

In March, I received one postcard and 13 letters and sent 33 postcards (yes, that was Costa Rica...), eleven letters and two packages. I don't remember how much I spent on postage in Costa Rica, but in Germany it was 19,22 €.

In April, I received eight postcards, ten letters and one package. I sent four postcards, eleven letters again and two packages. I spent 14,02 € on postage that month.

In May, I received four postcards and nine letters, having sent out eleven postcards, 18 letters and one package. I spent 22,12 €.

You can see most of my incoming mail on this picture - the top left is mail from March, the top right mail from April and the bottom is mail from May. Looking at it now, there is ony little variety in origins - most are from the USA, Germany or the UK, with the occasional Philippines, Sri Lanka, Argentina or Togo - I even got a letter from Russia in May and a few postcards from Italy, but I think that's about it.
How have your mail days been? I hope your mailbox is not starving :)

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