Dienstag, 7. Mai 2013

I got a "little" package from Yana!

So - I noticed I still didn't write about the goodie's I got in the past months, but I decided to start with the most recent one and then see where it'll go.

Yana was moving this past month as well and offered to send me a goodie bag while cleaning out her stationery stash!
 I then found this in my mailbox two weeks ago...

Of couldn't wait and already opened the package while still aboard the train and boy! I was excited!

Apart from a small notepad and single envelopes I also got this cute notebook,

and many flat cards with the corresponding envelopes! The paper of this one feels amazing :)

These are really cute!

Just like this one :)

Two Paris cards, which look amazing!

Some classy ladies

And lastly, black and pink cards!

All in all, a wonderful package! Thank you so much Yana! I will send you something back very soon :)

Alles Liebe,

(I had to use Internet Explorer to finally upload pictures...)


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