Montag, 13. Mai 2013

Monday's Mail

Hello dears!
I can't believe this either, but this finally is a mail-post ;-) I haven't photographed all of the mail that passed through my hands theses weeks, but I'll show you some recent outgoings... This will be a bit picture heavy :)

A letter heading out for the intro letter swap on swap-bot organized by the Postal Society.

These were a letter to Laura and some postcards - one to Italy and another one to the USA.

A postcard to my father - yes, I always send him boat-postcards somehow :)

A letter to a German penpal on stationery I had for years and Diddl sheets.

Two postcards for my godmothers - how I wish I'd be at that place by the lighthouse now!

These are a small package to Yana, a letter to Jennifer, another one to my mother for mother's day (both written on stationery designed by Fab) and a postcard to my goddaughter.

A letter for Maria in Russia, a new penpal. I hope it gets there well!

A letter heading out for a postage stamps swap on swap-bot and another letter on stationery designed by Fab going out to Lucas in the USA.

Letters going out to LR and Michelle in the USA.

A letter heading out to Jess in Australia, stamps for a tag on P.S.

And, lastly, two packages I sent out already a few weeks ago - one to my goddaughter and her mother.

I had to seal it like this :) There's a book included and the postal workers have to be able to open it.
And another one to my mother, who had her birthday :)

The stamp is one of my favourites ever!

That's all for now!
I had only very little incoming mail the past weeks - only three letters and one postcard so far this month! My mailbox is quite sad. I'm leaving for a trip to Berlin tomorrow and will be gone until the end of the week, so I hope I'll have some mail waiting for me when I get back :) Did you have good mail days this month?

Alles Liebe,


  1. "A letter for Maria in Russia, a new penpal. I hope it gets there well!" - Oh, I hope too :)

  2. Como me encanta la posta "I ♥ Saarbücken" Es genial!!!
    De todas las cartas que pasaron por tus manos, Caddi, estará la mía?


    1. Voy a incluir otra postal asi para la proxima carta a Argentina!
      Si, la tuya ya la mandé, pero no tengo foto - es que yo la deje en la casa un dia antes de tomarle foto y despues mi novio se la llevó al buzón porque ya tenia las estampillas y todo.
      Espero que estes bien!


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