Mittwoch, 1. Mai 2013

No pictures today :(

Is anyone else having problems with uploading pictures to blogger? I wanted to update on mail, but I can't upload any pictures, which is not very helpful of course.
Well, but maybe it's also my computer telling me I should focus on university instead of blogging - I mean, I have to hand in some papers these days, so I'd better be finishing those instead of posting, right?
I hope you are all having a good time and enjoying your holiday (if you are having a holiday today...). I love may because there are so many holidays! Yay for four free days extra this month :)
All the best!


  1. It worked just fine for me when I created a draft :/ Maybe just a temporary bug.

  2. I was facing the same problem during my last post but I was able to upload them later. Anyways,I thought you might have seen my blog and knew that I received your Christmas card...but I think you've never received my reply. I am sorry I didn't inform you through mail but I will send my reply once again.Hope you will receive it safely this time.


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