Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013

Stats of the Month - February 2013

How have you been doing? I'm (as always...) a bit in a hurry. Somehow I never seem to have too much time. Do you feel the same about your life?

Well, February is already over! Did you participate in the Lettermo? And if so, did you accomplish sending a piece of mail every day? I did not participate, but I did manage to send more mail than the last month! So it was a good mail month for me. So let's see the numbers...

I sent out 18 letters, four postcards and one package, which adds up to a total of 23 pieces of mail. Quite a few of these letters were sent inside Germany, but the destinations also included Finland, USA, Sri Lanka and Luxembourg. I spent an amount of 21,88 Euros on postage this month, so an average of 0,95 € per sent item. If you don't count the package I sent to Luxembourg, that would be only 0,66 € per sent item.

I received eleven letters, two packages and one postcard, which totals up to 14 pieces of mail received. But - actually I haven't been to my PO Box in almost a week, so I guess I'll have some more mail waiting for me. I know a friend sent me a letter, and Jennifer from the UK as well as Laura - so I'll have more mail to answer soon. I'll go check my PO Box tomorrow.

 The last package I got was from my mother - she sent me some leftover-fabrics she won't use any longer, so that I can sew more. I love them! She also included a postcard, tea and lots of other stuff.
 Can you see the drops at the bottom? Whenever I see them I have to think of the advertisement for the brand (so I guess it worked quite good...) - do they have the same advertisement-style in your language? Or do you not know them at all?

Anyway, how was your month mailwise?

Alles Liebe,


  1. Antworten
    1. I got your letter on friday!
      I'll hopefully reply during the next week...

  2. Caddi,
    The letter I sent in October was returned to me today with an insufficient address label. Has your address changed at all? I compared the address on the envelope with what I have written down, and its exactly the same.


    1. Hey Michelle,
      no, my address didn't change. Did you make sure that the numbers of my PO Box are correct? (Stupid question, but that's the only idea I can think of...)
      Can you try to resend the letter?
      Take care!

    2. I'm definitely going to resend it. Hopefully it actually arrives this time.

  3. Hola Caddi! estuve pensando si enviaste alguna respuesta a mi carta de julio del año pasado? No te lo estoy reclamando eh! jajaja sólo quiero que sepas que si la mandaste, no ha llegado nada por aquí. A veces se pierden por el camino y el servicio postal argentino no es un lujo que digamos....
    Te mando un beso!!

    1. Hola Eli!
      Que pena que no llegó! Te mandé una postal de los catarates de Niagara desde el viaje que estuve haciendo por America del Norte! Que pena. Pero no es solo el servicio postal de Argentina como puedes ver arribita - alla una carta de los Estados Unidos a Alemania se perdió en el camino pero por suerte ha aparecido otra vez :)
      Un abrazo, que estes bien!

    2. Ufa! Bueno, en cuanto retome la buena costumbre de las cartas (que la tengo algo postergada) te envío otra y hacemos girar la rueda otra vez!
      Un abrazo para vos!


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