Montag, 11. Februar 2013

Monday's Mail

I finally have some more mail going out! I mean, I had written mail during the last weeks as well, but this is the first time in days that there's actually a small stack of them going out :)

These are penpal letters going out to Heidi (Finland), Lucas (USA) and Sabrina (Germany), but there are also two letters going out to family - one of them is for my cousin and the other one for my grandmother. The one for my cousin is actually the letter I wrote for the Fumi no hi project from Aya.

A closer look to the letter on it's way to my cousin. Super cute paper, right?

In Germany the price for letters sent in Germany increased in January, so it's now 58 cents to send a letter. I really like the stamp with Nofretete, I just went to see her on December 25th in the "New Museum" in Berlin. And I like castles, so the stamp series of different castles in Germany (you can see another stamp of the series in this post).

Flower stamps! The top right one also bears the new denomination.

And some of the stamps from last year, the top one being one of my favourites.

Like I said in the beginning, I sent out some more mail in the last days and even though I didn't take pictures of everything, I do have some pictures on my camera....

This letter went out to Laura  last week, I really like the stamps here as well!

A postcard going out to an old friend of mine....
 ... and the corresponding stamp.

Oh, and I also made something for the boyfriend - he was writing a difficult exam last week, so I sewed him a love not to tell him everythings going to be okay no matter what :)

How have you been doing? Those of you that participate in the LetterMo - did you manage to send mail every day?

Alles Liebe,


  1. The postcard and envelope with hearts is really nice, I love it.

  2. I really love your mail so very fun looking.

  3. I love all of those stamps. Especially the Egyptian one! They're all gorgeous. I also love your sewn love notes to your boyfriend! So cute.

    1. Thanks! He liked it as well :)
      Aren't stamps all like little artworks? Some of them really deserve to be framed and hanged!


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