Mittwoch, 13. Februar 2013

Places I'll go - Costa Rica

Currently I'm dreaming a lot of travelling.
As you might know by now, my boyfriend and I are leaving for Costa Rica in March. Even though it won't be a long holiday (I'm convinced that 2 1/2 weeks are actually way to short), I am already so much looking forward to it!

I still have to wait a whole month before getting everything ready for our travels (we are leaving Germany on the 16th), but I already started dreaming with pictures I found online.
While looking for pictures of Costa Rica, I also found many other pictures of places I want to see as well - caves in Greece, mountains in Japan, beautiful cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, castles all across Europe, ruins of the pre-Columbian time in Latin America, waterfalls in Iceland... To be honest, I started a folder with beautiful images of places I will one day see and explore.

But I have to take one step at a time. So right now I'm mostly dreaming of Costa Rica.
And while I'm there, I will make sure to enjoy the pleasures this country has to offer. I'm looking forward to lots of nature, to good food and kind people.

But as soon as I'm back - I'll start dreaming of my next adventure.
 What's your dream location right now?

Alles Liebe,


  1. Oh, you got me dreaming about having a trip right now with this post!! My dream destination at the moment (and I've had this dream for a while already) would be Norway :)

    1. Haha, so we're totally in the same mood right now! I noticed you like all the countries in Scandinavia, don't you? I would love to see the Northern lights one day and maybe do a sledding tour in winter up there - but I fear that I would just end up freezing the whole time. I usually prefer hot weather... :)
      Take care!

  2. I dream of going to Sri Lanka where my pen-pal friend is from. I been saving up to try and take the trip this summer if I am lucky.

    1. Oh, that would be great to travel someplace and then actually meet up with a pen pal there!
      Sri Lanka must be a fascinating country - I already heard a lot about it :)

  3. Have an amazing time! It looks beautiful there.

    1. Thank you! It does look so beautiful an all these pictures, doesn't it?
      Do you have any travel plans for this year?


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