Donnerstag, 15. März 2012

Some more outgoing

I have some more mail to go out. Hopefully they'll all arrive safe and fast!

First, here's my reply to M. She is in love with Paris, so I thought "Wait... you do have an old Paris Calendar you bought when you were there for your weekend-trip a few years ago... Why not use it to make envelopes for her?"* So this is what she'll get:

Yes, that's glitter on that envelope again - did I mention that I have lots and lots of glitter? I think maybe 9 or 10 colours. 

So, that was the last letter I needed to reply to. Now I have sent replies out to all letters I got and will just have to wait for them to arrive!

I also got some postcards ready. First, there's one going out to my dad in Berlin, wishing him a great weekend.
Boats to Berlin

He also got some seeds to bring life to his balcony. I am currently sending out those seeds to everyone who gets a letter from me, so Marlies also got some of those in her letter. Everyone? No, not everyone. Just to those who live in Europe. I am sorry, but it's forbidden to send any plant products to the US, so you'll have to get your own seeds :)

 And yes, you saw that right, there's another Where's-Wally-Postcard back there!

I love this one, there's so much to discover! I absolutely fell in love with it when I discovered
the flower pots!
a wheelbarrow racer (and yes, that's Wally there!),

a bullfrog,

and some frog ladies.
 But there are also meanies!
Those kids who want to steal apples,


haha. And just the usual trick-player!
I could look at those postcards for ages. I believe that those books are secretly made for adults and not for kids.

Well, that's all for now. 
Take care and

alles Liebe,

*By the way, I also have a calendar which shows "Toilets of the World" - would you be offended to receive an envelope with a toilet (a rather fancy one)? I think that they are funny, but I don't want to offend anyone. I think I'll make the envelopes and then show them on here so that you get an impression...


  1. I really like the Paris envelope you made. I think the scenery is amazing.

    1. Thank you! It was hard to chose which parts to leave out!

  2. Haha I wouldn't be offended to receive a toilet in the mail! (on and envelope of course!)

    1. Great news! I just finished five envelopes. The next time I mail you, you'll receive something special... Those envelopes are great! Haha. Just have to decide on the toilet I'll send to you :) Until now you can choose between: USA, Bolivia, New Zealand, Australia. Any preferences? I won't show the envelope on here though so that you'll still be surprised.

  3. I love the Paris envelope and Waldo postcard yay!!! And I would nt be offended if I got a toilet I would start laughing !! Lol

    1. :) I love the Waldo / Wally postcards! They are so much fun! Seems like everyone loves toilets! hehe

  4. Der Paris Umschlag ist toll! Danke fuers "folgen" ;)und Toilett-envelopes?! :D Find ich gut die Idee ^^

    1. Danke auch Dir fürs "folgen" :) Hatte Deinen Blog vorher schon mal gesehen aber dann wieder aus den Augen verloren. Aber jetzt nicht mehr :)
      Ich fand diesen Klo-Kalender so toll dass ich ihn nicht einfach wegschmeißen wollte. Deswegen find ichs auch ganz gut dass anscheinend nicht so viele was dagegen hätten ein Klo im Briefkasten zu finden^^
      Liebe Grüße!

    2. Ich versuche mal etwas regelmässiger zu schreiben :) Mal schaun, wie mir das gelingt :D

      Es muss auch mal was anderes sein, und wenn es ein "geschmackvolles" Klo ist ... ;) Davon wuerd ich gerne Bilder sehen :D


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