Freitag, 23. März 2012

Sixty-three Euros and ninety-five cents.

I had a bad mail week so far. So what do you do when you have that feeling? I like to go and buy stamps. And before showing you two pieces of mail, I would like to show you those stamps I bought...

Spring stamps

Fall stamps

more fun stamps...

more spring stamps

lighthouses on stamps

summer stamps
I love stamps in sets like these. There are different reasons - first, you get to have many different stamps and don't end up using always the same. Second, there is a card with explanations for each stamp, so you get to learn who created it, when it was created and why and something about the image on the stamp. Third, I love looking at them! But, the downside is, it is really hard to open and use them - I want to keep them all for myself haha. I think I need to tell the people who are sending me mail from Germany to use those stamp sets too, so that I can have an easier heart when sending them. Do you also have a hard time sending your stamps out?
The stamps are all together worth 63,95 € - I think they should last like one or two months.

Next, the only other incoming mail I had this week after the letter from L.: A card from my dad. My grandma always makes those cards, but I think my dad made that one.

Today I will be sending this letter out - it's going to one of my bestest friends, who sadly lives very far away from me - more or less 10.000 kms. So, who of you knows why I picked those colours to make the address invisible? The first one to tell me will receive a postcard from St.-Martin, France (if I do have your address) where I'll be going next week - well, actually tomorrow. It's time for me to learn skiing (again - I already learned it once, but that was three years ago, so I probably will be a total beginner once again)! So, that's also why this post probably will be my last post for a week - but I am still keeping my hopes up, so in case I receive mail today, I'll be posting pictures of my incoming mail, of course :)

Oh, I almost forgot - I did "send" another piece of mail - a small letter to my boyfriend

The picture shows the Seeschloss Ort, a castle in Austria. Isn't it pretty?

I hope all of you are well!
Alles Liebe,


  1. Deine Freundin ist in Ecuador - deshalb die Farben?!

    1. Fast... In Ecuador ist ja noch das Wappen in der Mitte der Flagge. Aber die Farben stimmen natürlich trotzdem, und auch wenn Du nicht ganz richtig liegst würde ich Dir, wenn ich irgendwie Deine Adresse bekäme... ;-), auch eine Postkarte schreiben wenn Du möchtest :)

  2. Ich musste an Columbien denken, aber ob das stimmt... ich verauche dir am Wochenende zu schreiben :D
    Viel Spass beim Skifahren und brech dir bloss nichts, ich will nichts mehr von Unfällen lesen ;)

    1. Richtig! War ja eigentlich auch nicht so schwer, stand ja drauf ^^ Wenn ich jetzt auch noch Deine Adresse hätte würdest Du auch ne Postkarte bekommen ;-)
      Ich hoffe auch dass ich mir nichts breche :) Ich geb mir also alle Mühe!

    2. ahhh ich habs jetzt erst gelesen, ist sicher zu spät :(

  3. Great stamps! I love all of them, especially the Spring stamps and light-houses stamps! :)

    1. Yes, the light-houses are great, right? I like all of them, too :)

  4. Hey :) I don't have a large collection of unused stamps like you do but I do have a variety so I can also send my penpals different stamps . I also feel sad but I know it is for the best lol . I get very excited when my pen pal also takes the time to put a new and exciting stamp :)

  5. I love those stamps. We used to have such an easy system for posting packages so if we still had it I would buy stamps and keep them at home but now with doing weight and size it means having too many stamps and quite possibly getting in wrong too so its easy just to take everything to the post office and get them to try and figure things out as they too find it hard to follow these rules. I feel so envious when seeing such great stamps.

    As for mail I hardly get any anymore so feel disappointed at times about it as I get all my letters within the same week.

  6. Me encantan los sellos yo también hago colección desde hace bien poquito.



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