Donnerstag, 5. September 2013

Postcards from around the World # 1 - Denmark

Recently I was rummaging around in a box of old trinkets looking for something that had to be in there - I came across old letters, photos, pressed flowers, tickets and also a few postcards.
I am quite happy to say that I can always count on my mother to send me something in the mail - be it a quick postcard or a care package.
As some of you know, I spent quite some time abroad during my youth - and I happened to come across a postcard I got while in Chile. My mother wrote a message on maybe half of the postcard, the rest is filled with signatures from my parents, two sets of aunts and uncles, my grandparents as well as five cousins, three of whom were younger than 7 I believe - which caused quite big signatures as you can imagine. I love that I have a signed postcard of all of them!
They were celebrating a birthday in Denmark, on an island where I spent some summers of my childhood as well. Aren't postcards a great way to bring back memories?

A family postcard
I love these stamps!

Do you still have postcards which date a few years back? And how long to you plan to keep them for?

Alles Liebe,


  1. Like my letters, I keep (almost) all my received postcards. I have a little box and a special album for them so they are easy to store away. Postcards are since recently also my main "souvenirs" from trips, so those are not to be tossed out.

    1. Oh yes, I always bring postcards home with me as well! I sometimes end up using them later on in photo albums. Sometimes I even send one to my home address as well, so that I receive a reminder of the trip a few days (or weeks) later, when the postcard arrives.
      Thanks for stopping by!


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