Donnerstag, 12. September 2013

Postcards from around the World # 2 - Austria

Last week I talked about my mother sending me things in the mail - I have to be fair here, my father does so as well! He went to Austria in the end of August and knows me well enough to remember to send me a postcard whenever he's on a trip. He also sends me a small package every month or so - usually with a small book, sometimes a scarf - I guess you really can say that my parents are great in sending mail every now and then!

Anyway, he was in Salzburg and went to the opera at night - which seems to be a thing in Austria. The Mirabellgarten is the park of the Palace Mirabell, which was built in 1606 by Prince-Archbishop for his mistress. He also managed to elevate her and her (their?) 15 children to hereditary peerage. The Palace as well as the gardens are part of the UNESCO world heritage of the historic centre of Salzburg.

Do you keep in touch with your family through the mail?

Alles Liebe,


  1. unfortunately my family aren't into snail mail but its great your parents take the time to enjoy it with you :)

    1. Yes, I'm really lucky in that way! I think I'm still the most-mailing person in the family, but still, I love it :)


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