Donnerstag, 19. September 2013

Postcards from around the World # 3 - Cape Verde

Do you want to hear about yet another immediate family member who never forgets to send a postcard when on a trip?
My older brother and his girlfriend went to Boa Vista for two weeks this summer and sent me this postcard, which took about five to six weeks to get here! Boa Vista is one of the islands of Cape Verde, located in the central Atlantic Ocean, a few hundred kilometers off the coast of western Africa. He tells that the landscape seems like that of a desert, with lots of sand and dunes. Quite warm as well. 

My brother knows that I collect stamps, so he bought an extra stamp to bring it home for me as a small souvenir :)

Have you ever been to an island country like the one of Cape Verde?

Alles Liebe,


  1. I'm the part of the family who never forget to send postcards when travelling... :D
    Last summer I wanted to visit Cabo Verde, but finally I went to the Azores islands. I sent a lot of postcards from there. Happily, they arrived in a week, more or less!

    1. Those family members are the best, aren't they? ;-) That's lucky that your postcards all arrived so fast!
      How did you like the Azores? I haven't really visited an island state yet, or at least none that I can think of... Maybe something for a trip in the next years :)

    2. Oh, I recommend you those islands. If you like nature, of course. They are really calm, people is very friendly. They are used to tourists, but in fact there aren't so many; I guess is never crowded. I think it is an ideal place to relax!

      I posted some pictures, but just about postal services. Maybe you'd like to have a look anyway:

    3. Oh, thanks for the tip! I will check them out then - I do like nature and if it's not crowded, even better! I checked the blog post a few days ago - lovely mailboxes!


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